Listening to my inner voice

I thought I’d share some video rants about work.  And how my inner voice helps.

Or sometimes doesn’t.

My inner voice is a capricious thing.


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5 responses to “Listening to my inner voice

  1. Angry: Your little story about work makes me cringe. The best jobs I have had is when I was able to be my own boss at times. The last job I had (being in antiques and collectible sales), I told my boss that I would be the manager of the antiques and collectible business and he would be the boss of his main business downstairs. The other part time workers liked that since I seemed to know what I was doing. I do remember having a huge argument with him and yes, I won the argument.

  2. E0157H7

    My inner voice is a sort of combination of Micheal Douglas in Falling Down and Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction, angrily explaining everything that’s wrong to Soft Head while brandishing an imaginary weapon. Then lights an imaginary smoke and blows it in Soft Head’s face.
    It’s an interesting process.

  3. Alan: Good for you

    E0157H7: Great anger and furious vengeance!

  4. custador

    My inner voice is telling me to take an MP5 on three-round burst into my office tommorow.

  5. I’m sending this link to my IT sons – I know they can relate.

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