One Angry Bogan

My mate Daz wants to have words:

Some translations:

Seppo = Septic Tank/Yank/American

Spade work = the ground work you have to do to score a root

Root = intimate relations

Bogan = AKA White trash, Chav


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9 responses to “One Angry Bogan

  1. thanks Daz, you’ve made my day! wanted to verbal a few 3 pc suit wearers (and girls) today myself…

  2. dismutased

    I reckon it’s a little disturbing when apparently sane and intelligent men can do such a good job of looking and acting totally bogan. And why do you own a flannie???

  3. dismutased, didn’t you know flannies are back in…

  4. Jase: Fashions come and fashions go but still some people are seeking something to make them feel good about themselves.

  5. alan: hmmmm…… your talkin’ about flannies, i could understand if it were cold maybe but here it’s some daggy bogan thing, not that i’m dis’sing the flanny but with stubbies and thongs in the city…. (and yes, i have seen this, i should have taken pics) it turns heads

  6. dismutased

    ‘dismutased, didn’t you know flannies are back in…’

    oh god, it’s all over, let me just commit hari kiri right now. Kids can’t leave the 80’s well alone they have to come after my formative decade the 90’s??

    Screw you vapid fashionistas!

  7. Vett: Sometimes they need to be told!

    Dismutased: I grew up with people like this 🙂 And I’ve had the flannie since the 90s!

    Jase: They never went out

    Alan: I usually go for masturbation

  8. Mr. Angry: that is true, maybe it’s just me that has something against them.

  9. Your fashion choices are your own 🙂

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