I love America!

There’s an old saying in film making (useful in story telling generally) that goes “Show, don’t tell”.  In short, this means show what’s happening in your story rather than explaining it.  Having a character actually perform an action is much more powerful than having a narrator describe an action.  And this, in short, has been the most frustrating aspect of watching America during the Bush Presidency.

To see Bush over an over again saying one thing and then doing the opposite.  To talk about finding those “responsible” for the 9/11 attacks and instead fabricating enemies that suited pre-determined political goals.  To talk about making the economy strong when pretty much every action he took fucked things up (and by some miracle the chickens came home to roost BEFORE the election – for the last year or so I though he was going to manage to stave of the economic collapse he had engineered until he was out of office).  To hear him talk mindless drivel about “freedoms” while turning America into a police state.  A pathetically inefficient, overly-bureaucratic police state at that.

As an outsider it seemed like every fucking lie he peddled was being eagerly swallowed up by a wilfully ignorant populace.  It was easy to think Americans had developed a taste for shit sandwiches and couldn’t wait to wolf down the next serving.  I joked about a year ago when the front running Democrats were a woman and a black man that the Democrats must want to lose.  Apparently not 🙂

That whole American mythology of “anything is possible, anybody can become President” is suddenly a lot harder to disregard.  It isn’t as if the country (and the rest of the world who are so heavily affected by what happens in the U.S.) are about enter a magical fairyland but this is stunning on so many levels.  Seriously Americans, how crazy are you?  You can turn 180 degrees from the soul-crushing negativity of the Bush years to one of the most hopeful and inspiring politicians in the world just like that?

And the dude is BLACK!  His dad was Muslim!  Part of his schooling was in the world’s most populous Muslim nation!  Holy fuck, whatever pill you people are taking I’ll have two!

I have been addressing this campaign quite regularly on YouTube and topic of race has always been part of it.  More than one person has had a bit of a dig at me by asking if a black person would be elected leader in Australia.  Short answer: no.  Slightly longer answer: no fucking way!  It’s a slightly unfair comparison as we don’t have a Presidential system and a Parliamentary system doesn’t really allow for a breakout star to rise to Prime Minister in a short space of time.  It’s possible but far less likely.

But it isn’t just that – Australia’s indigenous population are by and large treated like shit.  Pointing this out is a good way to make lots of non-indigenous Australians very defensive and angry, even people who are largely very reasonable and even progressive.  They’ll rush to point out welfare and lazy abos burning down their government provided houses and I have learned it’s largely impossible to talk to people on the issue if they’ve made up their mind like that.  Seriously, if you’re going to go on about how the most downtrodden indigenous race in the world have it so good I see no value in engaging in any conversation.

So you showed the world America.  Anything’s possible.  Hopefully the redemption of the Republican party (and maybe even the rise of third party candidates as a viable option) is also possible.  I wonder how long it will take some powerbrokers in the GOP to see the sort of passion Ron Paul (for example) inspired and go “Hey, maybe this hateful shit we’ve been peddling has run its course – why don’t we actually trying standing for something apart from hating people different to us?”  With the majorities the Democrats look like having some strong, principled opposition will be vital.  Like most political groups, the Democrats have an appalling track record for corruption and ineffectiveness when there’s nobody to keep them honest.

Anyway, I’m visiting The US in two weeks (only the dirty, immoral socialist land of California) so I hope y’all are still partying when I get there!



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46 responses to “I love America!

  1. E0157H7

    Old White guy and Fuckstick Beauty Queen lost! The competent man won! This is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, prop. 8 (the ban on same-sex marriage in California) is at a 53.1% yes as of now, with 25% of precincts reporting as of the time of writing. I don’t think that SF has reported in yet, but I’ll be bummed if it passes.

  2. Matt

    Angry Aussie, I appreciate that you aren’t fond of people who make such claims about the indigenous population of Australia, and on some levels I support you. However, you must surely understand that not all of these claims are without merit. There is only so much that can be done these people, and many of them have indeed embraced the opportunities presented to them, but there are still a large number of indigenous Australians who are very self-destructive and basically refuse any help offered to them. Try as we might to give them a helping hand, they remain anti-social, continuing to do things like destroy Government housing, attack taxis and buses and generally raise mayhem for no apparent reason. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who continues to behave in such a manner is undeserving of any more assistance from the Government.

    On a more positive note, I must say that I am pleased that the American populace has finally woken up to themselves and elected a president that isn’t a complete dunce. Maybe this is a real turning point for the downtrodden life that humanity has led so far this millenium?

  3. Cindy

    As an American and an Obama supporter, I’m happy – no, THRILLED – that we could come through for everybody! Let’s just hope that the Obama administration can get some good stuff accomplished…

  4. custador

    I turned the news on this morning, saw the result and achieved wood. In that order.

  5. At first, I was a little anxious about the outcome of the election but I got the good news when I was on my first break at work last night. It was amazing to be a part of American history. I posted the full story on my blog site.

  6. Aislinn

    I think that all that needs to be said was said here, so I will just ask one thing…Do you think you will be swinging by Orlando? It would be so awesome if you did.

  7. lizzybee

    WOOOO HOOOO! Okay, now that it’s out of my system, I’m trying to be more rational about what happened, and it’s hard, because for the first time in 8 years, I’m feeling *American* again, rather than a a woman without a country. I’m very optimistic, and it’s a really heady drug. There’s a hell of a lot of work to do now to repair everything that’s been broken by Dumbya, but, I think with an inspired population, and an inspiring, intelligent, *thinking* leader, we can actually start to fix a lot of this mess.

    I’m really encouraged by the amazing turnout for this election– California managed an 80%+ voting rate, and I’d read a number of states managed to turn out 90% or more of their voting populations. This is absolutely unheard of in modern politics– U.S. voter turnout hovers about 50-55% usually. California mirrors that trend. Americans are mobilized, I think, and we’re not going to be so timid this time. At least, that’s what I hope 😉 And I can hope again, which is so amazing! Even if Obama can’t accomplish everything he wants to, the rest of the population can, and I think that grassroots spirit isn’t going to go away any time soon.

    Anyway, Cali? Awesome! I hope you like it here 🙂

  8. E0157H7: Apparently all the anti-gay props passed

    Matt: At least we can feel good about supporting America again

    Cindy: There are lots of challenges ahead but this is a great result.

    Custador: Thanks for sharing

    Blackcat: I was nervous right up until the announcement

    Aislinn: Unfortunately it’s only a flying visit taking in LA & SF this time

    Lizzybee: It is a wonderful, positive moment

  9. brisa

    first time writer here..as a brazilian/american, I share your views and the americans views.

    Last night I cried as I lived the most beautiful, outstanding show of democracy of my whole entire life. Needless to say I voted for Obama and, although his job won’t be easy, we DO have hope.

    Now..I hope you enjoy California:) I live in Sunny (and mellow) San Diego. Unfortunately, “they” said No for prop 8 (banning gay marriage rights) and Yes on D (keeping alcohol banned from the beaches).

    Yes, the majority voted for Obama, but “they” still have a lot to learn about respect, honesty and freedom.


  10. John

    While this was genuinely surprising (that racism didn’t end Obama’s campaign a while ago), America isn’t exactly as progressive as one would like to think. They may have just elected a black man as the next president, but several states have revoked the rights of their homosexual citizens to marry their partners.

    While the U.S.A has taken a step forward in one regard, they’ve simultaneously taken a step back in another.

  11. American have voted for change and we have change in an African American being the next US president. Now let’s see if this is real change.

    The surveillance police state must be dismantled. American Imperialism and lust for Oil must stop. 9/11 must be independently investigated. The bailout for the bankers must be stop and redirected to the needy of America. All those elitist criminals must be investigated. Dennis Kucinich articles of impeachment of the Bush administration must be allowed through congress.

    Only time will tell if Obama is a true patriot and agent for change or just the continuation of the status quo.

  12. Matt: You single out indigenous Australians being a particular way but I see many non-indigenous Australian are the same if not worse (excluding Daz the bogan who seems like a pussy).

    I would examine Australian history and discover that indigenous Australians were considered as criminals or less advanced humans. They are not even recognized by the Australian constitution. I see many fine indigenous Australians and Australia has to face big changes before all Australians are equal.

  13. John: I don’t understand this homosexual issue in California. While Arnold seems very homophobic, his history (appearing naked in gay porn) would indicate that he a huge hypocrite. I can’t stand those homosexual owl worshipers, they are a disgrace to humanity.

  14. I was just reading the history of Nazi Germany and I saw a bit about the ‘six point syndrome’ of totalitarian states.

    1. A single mass party, usually led by a charismatic leader.
    2. An official Ideology.
    3. Total control over the economy.
    4. Control over mass communications.
    5. A system of terror and police control.
    6. Control over the armed forces.

    This list is by Carl Friedrich and Zbigniew Brzezinki. The later is Barrack Obama’s foreign policy adviser.

    Since Republicans and Democrats politicians are just the same, all we would need is Obama to get control of the economy and create an ideology and we have totalitarianism.

  15. It’s just occurred to me, the ideology is Change.

  16. custador

    Walk awaaaaay from the Kool-Aid, Alan!

  17. Hey there! I’m an American living abroad and have watched your videos for a while now, but not commented until this. I have to say that, though I voted for a third party candidate for president (one of the ones Ron Paul was advocating after he dropped out, actually), I’m glad Obama got in, over McCain, because your reaction (which is a really great one, yay!) is the one I hope to see a lot more of.

    In the last year and a half or so, I think a lot of Australians–not all, but plenty that I’ve met casually–have grown even tireder of the Bush administration and its antics; I have too.

    It’s been very difficult that, being an American abroad, you catch the heat for this a lot of times; it’s like being everyone’s piñata. It’s been particularly hard as my accent has changed to become this warped Australian-American-wherethefuckisshefrom thing, and I’ve had Australians unwittingly say absolutely horrible things about Americans, right to my face. There has been, however, some mild satisfaction in telling them where I was from afterward! (Awkward embarrassment FTW.)

    Anyway, Obama gives me hope, at least in the way of international relations, which matter to me a lot. I absolutely abhor some of his economic policies, but socially, I think he will be a great change. Goddammit, I hate that word now…

    Thanks for voicing something like this so openly. It’s very relieving, I have to say!

  18. dismutased

    Watching Obama’s speech made this cynic all wobbly inside!

    I feel real relief that the Bush era is finally over, because we all know America’s plays a role in world dynamics and we end up with some of the schtick.

    Leila, I must say I’ve been one of those that have voiced pretty er.. impolite things about America, you’ll find about 80% of Australians have at one time or another. Those with American accents just don’t get to hear most of it. Believe me, Europe is SO much worse than us in that department!

    But I feel so much relief for Americans themselves, especially those that understood just how damaging Bush was to the world. What a lovely feeling to be proud of one’s country again.

    I felt a similar feeling when our new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd trounced the Bush-loving John Howard, then went an made an official apology to indigenous Australians.

    It also seems that the world is quite keen to welcome America back into the global fold, as evidenced by the flood of genuine congratulations from global leaders.

    Good on you Americans!!!!

  19. dismutased

    haha! I really must learn to proofread before posting. Each spelling mistake takes off about 10 perceived IQ points!

  20. E0157H7

    I am really relieved and happy that Obama won and the Republicans were banished back to Mordor for a while. For me, it wasn’t a momentous thing when I saw the election outcome, more of a sense that things were being set right. It felt like things were returning to normal and that there really is an end to the perverse insanity in sight. Bush will be taken back to Texas and put out to pasture, either Old Yeller-style or by a self-administered whiskey IV. Unfortunately that campfire got pissed on by my state and my home voting no on a civil rights issue. The final results of the election were mostly good, but everyone that’s been supporting the equal treatment of homosexual relationships under the law came away from the fight bloodied. Righting the damage done will be a long and hard task.

  21. custador: I will save the Kool-Aid for my stroll in front of Westminster with those CCTV cameras following my every move.

    I did have trust in Barack Obama until he did his back-flip over Iran.

    This is when his message of change became a lie to me.

  22. Took the words out of my mouth mate! I think most of the rest of the world gave up on American politics after the 2004 election.

    Though I have to say I really didn’t get how much of a big deal the electing of a black man was until the election day coverage, thanks to tyranny of distance an all that. I sure don’t envy him his clean up job either.

  23. Valaree

    A lot of people I know are shocked at how much the rest of the world cared so much about the election. One thing I learned the next day was who out of my friends were still racist even though they are not openly so…. That was disappointing. 😦

  24. Angry: Here is some of Obama change straight off his website.


    “President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free.”

    This is I guess is Obama’s proposed Civilian Security Force.

    I’,m just an Australian but this is ridiculous and scary. With the US government having a budget deficient of $10, isn’t another $3oo billion added to a $3 trillion yearly budget ludicrous?

  25. Denise/PISSED OFF!!!!


    I am so very disappointed and shocked that you of all people, still think think 9/11, is not an inside job. WAKE UP!!.

    For a 30 year old man WHO still watches the SIMPSONS!!! LOL!! GET a LIFE.

    I once paid you a complement saying how wonderful you were for saying what you thought……..well take some of your own advice (Sit the fuck down and shut the FUCK UP!!) and do some research for yourself, Read Books, (if you know what they are) Naomi Wolf “The End of America”. Surf the Web… you know the site’s, I mean you are NOT completely thick.


  26. custador

    Does anybody else think it’s funny that Denise/PISSED OFF!!!! used the word “site’s” instead of “sites” in the course of implying that Mr Angry is a little bit thick? Irony is a wonderful thing.

  27. Brisa: Obama’s popularity was a double edged sword as black Americans are notoriously homophobic

    John: I think that was almost a one step at a time thing. My impression was that (rightly or wrongly) the Obama campaign decided they couldn’t afford to speak out too much on gay rights for fear of losing votes. Hopefully that will turn around in coming years.

    Alan: If you have any interest in not coming across as a crazy, you might want to calm down a bit

    Lelia: I can understand that human piñata feeling – a lot of people seem to think Americans are fair game for any sort of abuse.

    Dismutased: The relief around the world was palpable 🙂

    E0157H7: I am hoping one outcome is that more Republicans decide the politics of hate and lies are bad and get back to core principles (Ron Paul has been a good example in this area). I can handle diagreeing with someone but the neocons were just contemptible excuses for human beings.

    Annette: I even more exited that they elected a smart person

    Valaree: Discovering some home truths about people can be disturbing but it’s better than remaining ignorant.

    Denise: What do you mean by “inside job”? Are you saying it was orchestrated by shadowy NWO figures and/or the Bush administration? If so,seeing as we’re being candid, that is fucking moronic and juvenile. It’s clear that the Bush administration has lied repeatedly about 9/11 but they didn’t orchestrate it. They lied about being warned of the possibility, they lied about their ability to deal with it, they lied to to 9/11 commission, they lied about it’s connections to Iraq, they lied about who was involved. But they didn’t orchestrate it. Asserting that is so purely and simply fucking moronic that I can’t be fucked wasting time debunking it.

  28. lizzybee

    @ Alan

    “This is I guess is Obama’s proposed Civilian Security Force.

    I’,m just an Australian but this is ridiculous and scary. ”

    Meh, it’s a novel idea, and one that might kill two birds with one stone: meeting our own emergency needs here at home with too much military overseas (one of the reasons Katrina was so horrid on New Orleans was due to military reserve personnel who are trained in disaster relief being sent to Iraq) and holding to Obama’s campaign promise to make college more affordable to everyone. Many countries have some kind of compulsory military service for graduating students, including the Scandinavian countries, and this would be vaguely similar except that the service wouldn’t be military in nature.

    That said, it’s not going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone in Congress jumping on to this bandwagon. We’re too damned selfish here 😉 Any Congressperson will probably be laughed out of office for voting for a bill containing any kind of compulsory service that isn’t a military draft.

  29. @lizzybee, you write

    “That said, it’s not going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone in Congress jumping on to this bandwagon. We’re too damned selfish here.”

    Some Americans are this way it seems. How long can this go on. America owes the world over $10 trillion dollars. Americas extreme capitalism has caused a world wide economic crisis. Russia, China and India are sick of being pushed around by the west. Russia are supplying weapons to Iran. Obama is proposing expanding troops in Afghanistan and engulfing Pakistan in the hunt for a fabled enemy. And finally Russia, China and Japan are becoming tired of western conquest and the funding of it.

    Where does this all lead to?

  30. lizzybee


  31. not knowing much about australia or aboriginal life their i found your blog of interest. what i found more interesting was one of the comments posted here from matt, on the 5th nov.
    yes, how dare these indigenous people dare to discard the interlopers meddling in their affairs. as a Scotsman would not like to be told how to live my life by someone coming into my country and changing my way of life. as i said i am ignorant of Australian ways, both aboriginal and modern but just think people should remember who was there first

  32. Denise/PISSED OFF!!!!


    Get used to the reticule, that _U_ will be faced with if you can’t face the truth Bush and his Cronies all did lie about the whole thing and yes BOHEMIAN GROVE is REAL. I myself was in a SATANIC CULT……………. so you have no fucking idea what it is like to be torched, rapped or have or father’s baby………….and order to kill it. Did you know about the Secret Society Sculls and Cross Bones?.

    Bush, Bush Senor and Grandfather belonged to this, part of their initiation is too lye in a coffin and admit the inner most sexual fantasy………..now that is FUCKING SICK………!!

    Denise: What do you mean by “inside job”? Are you saying it was orchestrated by shadowy NWO figures and/or the Bush administration? If so,seeing as we’re being candid, that is fucking moronic and juvenile. It’s clear that the Bush administration has lied repeatedly about 9/11 but they didn’t orchestrate it. They lied about being warned of the possibility, they lied about their ability to deal with it, they lied to to 9/11 commission, they lied about it’s connections to Iraq, they lied about who was involved. But they didn’t orchestrate it. Asserting that is so purely and simply fucking moronic that I can’t be fucked wasting time debunking it. You are Fucked Angry and I’m sorry to say MORE JUVENILE!! than I.
    So take some of you own advise SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!


  33. Denise/PISSED OFF!!!!


    So good to see some support, in how alan and I are feeling lizzy. 🙂

    It is very scary to think that it could happen here but we as Australian,s won’t let it we need to sand as one and fight!!! for what is right.
    We are so over Governed. ( State Federal Local and Council….) how much more do we need NON.

  34. Angry wrote:

    “If you have any interest in not coming across as a crazy, you might want to calm down a bit.”

    Well you can live a fairytale Angry and continue to see me as crazy. All I’m doing is disagreeing with you. It appears that many in the US agree likewise.

    Also you should add one more lie said by George W. Bush.

  35. lizzybee

    Denise, I don’t think I’m really supporting you and Alan at all 😉

    Perhaps I should supplement my *headdesk* with a nice *facepalm.*

  36. lizzybee: You can call me want ever you want. Since you think that Bohemian Grove is just dandy and it doesn’t concern that Denise was abused by her father, I see know point in debating or discussing anything with you.

  37. lizzybee

    Alan: I don’t think I’ve called you anything but Alan. Or Alan Gresley. What I’m not seeing is some kind of coherent narrative from either you or Denise that makes any kind of chronological, systematic or logical sense. Instead, I’m seeing tons of videos that are either blurry and of dubious significance or are full of a bunch of collected quotes that are tied together with cheesy music. What does Denise’s abuse have to do with Bohemian Grove? I’m sorry she was abused, but there seems to be no logical connection made by either of you toward either “the truth” about 9-11 or silly rituals at the Bohemian Grove, or the New World Order or anything else.

    And, yes, I think that people are entitled to do silly stupid things in private gatherings so long as they don’t harm anyone. Would I participate in burning an effigy? No. Would I join an orgy? Not a chance. Would I fake-worship an owl statue? No. But if idiots choose to do these things, they are perfectly free to do so, and beyond a little tut-tut and chuckling from we who might be bystanders, it’s really none of our damned business. True freedom needs be served with a healthy side-dish of “I don’t give a flying fuck about what the other guy does!” otherwise you’re steering another course toward a different kind of totalitarianism, which, if I was reading your comments right, is what you’re accusing Obama of eventually building here in the States.

  38. Denise/PISSED OFF!!!!


    What does Denise’s abuse have to do with Bohemian Grove? I’m sorry she was abused, but there seems to be no logical connection made by either of you toward either “the truth” about 9-11 or silly rituals at the Bohemian Grove, or the New World Order or anything else.

    Their is so much connection you would not understand, you sit there in your dream state with out realizing the dangers that we all face…….B.G. is a satanic cult just like I was in. and you Just dissemble it as a joke…..WAKE UP!!! 😦

  39. Martin: You should look up the principle of “Terra Nullius” – Colonialism at its finest (i.e. worst)

    And so far as the ongoing discourse with lizzybee, Alan and Denise… all I feel like saying is: “Denise”, you are a fucking moron. Pure and simple. End of story. I do not give a flying fuck about you or your insane rantings. Fuck off. Seriously. Fuck off.

  40. lizzybee

    Heh, I guess that’ll teach me to try to “understand” people with, uh, *interesting* views 😉 Really, I give up. Because I don’t get it. I don’t get the crazy right-wing conspiracy fairytales, and the left-wing ones seem to be just as lunatic, if not more so.

  41. Maldris

    At least conspiracy theories are good for a chuckle every now and again, especially the supernatural creature ones (not making a comparison here just a general statement). Some theories can have some truth behind them but it is often so distorted and warped that it can no longer be recognised as truth. The lesson here is to approach everything with a healthy (by which I mean large) amount of scepticism and never be surprised when an ugly and disturbing truth is finally revealed. lol.

  42. Maldris: Wisely said. Anything which is based on a theory must be approached with caution. I just see parallels between the world of today and 20th century history. I am hoping that history is not repeating itself.

  43. Maldris

    History always repeats itself because humans are to arrogant to learn from it. Its why we as a species suck.

  44. Angry wrote:

    “all I feel like saying is: “Denise”, you are a fucking moron. Pure and simple. End of story. I do not give a flying fuck about you or your insane rantings. Fuck off. Seriously. Fuck off.”

    Real tough words there Angry! Have you ever been in a cult. If not, you are just showing your ignorance. Have you ever considered that some people may know more about particular things than you do?

  45. lizzybee

    Maldris: Pretty much. Or because we choose to learn the wrong lessons from history. The continual emphasis throughout history on empire-type thinking is one of them. Each new empire says, “The reason the previous empire failed was because it neglected to do x. If we do y instead, we’ll succeed!” And, inevitably, it falls, just as all of its predecessors have, because the big lesson, “Empires don’t work,” is never learned.

  46. Maldris

    hmmm this sounds interesting, perhapse we should test this theory. Anyone want to build an empire to take over the world?

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