The cult of Obama

This one’s for Alan:


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5 responses to “The cult of Obama

  1. custador


    Can apply this logic to all the football supporting arseholes in my office?

  2. E0157H7

    US politics – Like reality TV, but it actually has consequences! Mr. Angry, your interest in US politics probably has something to do with being within our generous blast radius.

  3. The day following ‘Princess’ Diana and Al Fayed’s driver’s attempt at combining their space and time with that of a concrete pillar failed with messy consequence the newspapers printed off an image – in a virginal (yeah right, who WASN’T she banging?) white hazy hue – for the masses to place EV.ER.Y.WHERE. was my first experience of misplaced cultism.

    Obama….HAZAAH!!!, but I’m with you. Chill on the freak shit.

  4. I have a conspiracy theory. I reckon that Angry had the hots for shrine boy until he replaced all those Simpson pics with Obama pics.

    No wait, that’s a wacko conspiracy theory, you know, like that other one about Charles Montgomery Burns being in Sculls and Bones when he attended Yale.

  5. Kat

    Hey man, ur funny. I think you’d get a huge kick out of watching “Zeitgesit: Addendum” – totally up your alley, you know striving for human liberty and stuff. If you hate it – you may send me angry mail back 🙂

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