Did you miss me?

I feel almost embarrassed at how much I’ve neglected this blog over the last couple of months.  I haven’t felt like I’ve had the right mindset for writing longer pieces and I have this weird thing where I feel that writing shorter pieces is kind of cheating.  Which is stupid.  I get like that. 

Given that I’ve been posting videos to YouTube almost every day I could simply have posted those here with a bit of commentary.  Which I might start doing.  Again.  But I’m also making plans for a possible career change and writing more would help me develop that.  So, in short, there is likely to be much more activity here.

Plus, I’m back from my brief visit to the USA and I didn’t get arrested or killed.  I have to admit, my paranoia did not subside until I was safely home.  At the start of the trip I was simply worried I’d have some nasty run-in with homeland “security” and end up getting kicked out.  From then on I was paranoid that I’d lose my gear or myself. 

All in all in was a fantastic trip but all too short (3 days in San Francisco and 3 days in Los Angeles).  It did fill me with new positivity about YouTube and the people involved.  The central part of the trip was going to see “YouTube Live” in San Francisco.  The show was actually much better than I expected and everyone I met was really nice – including the people I don’t like on YouTube.

I’m not sure if I was star struck or if it was simply sensory overload but being surrounded by a dozen people who each have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube was a surreal experience.  Especially when one of them (Michael Buckley) said he was star struck meeting me. 

So I’m going forward with a renewed faith in online “community”, feeling creatively charged up and looking for some challenges and new horizons.  Watch out, anything could happen.


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10 responses to “Did you miss me?

  1. Why were you paranoid Angry? Those stories about Homeland Security are just conspiracy theories. There no such things as FEMA concentration camps.

    BTW, did you check out 624 Taylor Street?

  2. DOA

    Lack of posts is fine by me. Quality comes before quantity. And there’s already too much noise to signal on the “internets”.
    What’s this about a career change? Are you gonna start a company where you go around yelling at annoying people? Cause I’ve got a CV you might want to look at…

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about sporadic posting… Right now I’m guilty of much worse… haven’t posted anything on my blog in weeks…

    Maybe there’s something going around…

  4. Mr. Angry,
    You’ve posted an incredible amount of content over the past couple (three?) years. I’m not surprised you’ve slowed down a bit recently. Shit, I don’t know how you’ve done it and maintained a “real” job!
    From talking to other blog friends recently I’ve gotten a general sense that there’s a bit of burn out going around (no stats, just my impression).
    Maybe because I’m a natural neighbor (i.e. Canadian) I’ve never felt tense while in the US. Quite the opposite, in fact! America to me is like adult Disneyland (cheap booze, etc.).
    Anyway, chill out for a bit if you need it. Then come back strong, my friend!

  5. I guess I’m sort of guilty of sporadic posting myself and I have three blog sites. I usually average about 3-6 posts a month on my main site.

    Good luck with your career change.

  6. What’s your career change? I need some ideas myself. Fast.
    I’ve slowed down on posting myself, but then I read an article in the New York Times about the trend in “Slow Blogging” and felt much better about myself. I do watch your videos and I think those totally count, so don’t feel guilty.

  7. Alan: My paranoia was because TSA staff tend to be underpaid, undertrained and capricious rather than because of any greater conspiracy they may or may not represent.

    DOA: I am leaning towards yelling at stupid people

    Phyre: It’s hard to maintain the rage 🙂

    Kyklops: I have had my chill out and I am better for it 🙂

    Blackcat: Thanks!

    Wendy: I think it’s all a question of focus. I am in a period of reassessment now

  8. Angry: OK, I though it might be about the other stories. Not all things are conspiracy theories though, since 2001 Noami Wolf has been given extra attention every time she boards a plane. She states that she on the list.

    There was also that Australian tourist who was taken to a detention centre for a few months due to a mix up with her visa. She had touched down in Hawaii on here way to Canada and when she entered America again, her 5 month visa had expired.

    I will never travel to America (or overseas) until it is safe for me to do so.

  9. splitknife

    Concerning your paranoia with travel to America:
    The thing you really have to understand is that people here are afraid. For obvious reasons a lot of Americans don’t like the idea that just anyone can walk off a plane from another country and get in just like that. I definitely agree that there are some incredibly inept people making decisions as to who can and can’t enter, but it is all done out of a concern for the well being of the people here. But you’re a smart guy, I’m sure you had already figured that out.

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