Conspiracy Theorists – STFU!

The absurd number of random, off-topic comments I have been getting on YouTube lately from conspiracy theorists has pushed me to far.  Time to strike back in the only way I know how – lots of swearing and shouting!

And don’t take it personally Alan,  Despite the fact we disagree on a range of topics I consider you a person who puts forward their views rationally without being aggressive or insulting.  Unlike the pea-brained morons I am beset by on YouTube.



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17 responses to “Conspiracy Theorists – STFU!

  1. Ergin

    I know THEY made you say all of this. 😉

  2. I had a conspiracy theorist subbed to me for a while (he had 2 accounts on YT because one of them got deleted) in which he mainly preached about fluoride in the tap water, the Illuminati and that its followers worshipped a god named Moloch, cell phones cause brain cancer, etc. while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. His other account was deleted from YT recently. IDK if you’ve heard of the guy or not.

  3. Jase: This has been formulating in ym mind for a while

    Ergin: Quiet you fool! You’ll let everyone know!

    blackcat: I try to have as little to do with them as possible. I certainly don’t remember their names

  4. Angry, don’t let those anti-sheeple get to you.

    I have found that while doing research on some theories involving conspiracy, I have learned a lot of history. History which I presume the leaders (past and present) of this world would be happy for us to forget.

    One fact is that in the 1950s, the US assisted the Shah of Iran in setting up atomic research facilities in Iran. Very odd that now the US is adamant that Iran should now stop it’s atomic research (Obama included). Hypocrites.

  5. @blackcatloner

    You’re lucky they only subbed. My wife suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (I was not aware of before I married). All I can say is that Truth is much stranger than Fiction.

  6. Heh, you mean to tell me that Jewish lizard bankers from the core of the earth (but claiming to have been born in Hawaii) weren’t responsible for 9/11? Nice try, pal, but I know

  7. custador

    I had a huuuuge argument with some arse-hat 17 year old on a facebook group because of this. He was utterly, utterly convinced that the planet was being run by a secret society of Catholics / Druids / Yale graduates, that man-made global warming is a huge hoax, that we were all being controlled through subliminal messages in television and the internet, that we should all be wearing tin-foil hats… You couldn’t argue with the guy, though. Every time somebody posted a pertinent question that he couldn’t answer or strong evidence that he couldn’t counter, he dealt with it by ignoring it and having a rant about how Dan Brown was writing the truth in the guise of fiction… A complete tit, basically. Eventually I realised that it was pointless to try and make him see what a dick he was being and left him to it.

  8. @custador

    But Global warning is a hoax. I have lived for 40 years and no way is the world getting hotter. Yes we do need to move from dirty and polluting fossil fuels but that can only happen when those meters for charging are removed.

    Tesla experimented with transverse waves (wireless electricity) from 1891. Modern societies happily pay Electricity companies money to send our energy via longitude waves via electricity cables, unlike transverse waves, longitude waves drop in magnitude over distance.

    If you think I seeing a conspiracy in the elites charging us for Electricity and at the same time taxing us for global emissions, well you correct. 🙂

    BTW, if I actually met someone like you did, I would just shake my head at them. They are sheep just like the other sheep.

  9. Oh, I think that there is an elite [sic] group running the world. They may not realize that they’re running the world, but that’s another matter! People aren’t terribly confident making their own decisions, I’ve noticed, which means that they’ll likely as not defer to somebody in authority. By this method, hierarchies emerge. There must, then, be an ultimate, de facto, authority, who runs everything, directly or indirectly. There’s no conspiracy in that: it’s the way we’re required to behave.

    As for the rest of it: I don’t give a shit!


  10. Dalton Foster

    You tell them Mr. Angry guy. I know what you mean. I live in the Bible Belt of America. Everyone is right. Everyone else is wrong. Shut the fuck up I tell them! I admire your anger for it dwells within’ all of us. Waiting for a spark to light the fuse. Yours however seems to be everything. Good luck with that!

  11. Alan: The US has a long and proud history of bankrolling scumbags who later on become mortal enemies.

    Kyklops: I believe you are right

    Custador: You hit the nail on the head with “can’t argue” – hence I keep it simple with STFU

    Matt: Any “controlling” force would likely be a distributed network – very weakly connected at some points with a few strong nodes that have a disproportionate influence. But total control of something as large as Earth is simply impossible.

    Dalton: I express the anger everyone feels inside 🙂

  12. E1057H7

    You want me to abandon the only thing that makes me feel special? You want no part of my tailored fantasy world? I’m being thrust out into… What’s this? It’s called the… Real world? I don’t think that I like it much. No, not at all. I’m taking my ball and going home (to my community of people that insulate me by all having the exact same beliefs)!

  13. I stay well out of the real world myself 😉

  14. agoniescreep

    I don’t claim to know what the “truth” is but, it’s obvious that “by the people” & especially (sp) “for the people” is a huge load of shit. I don’t mind a good conspiracy theory & have listened to them for years. I’ve listened to klansmen, black nationalists, radical marxists & everything in between. most of these people drive others away from their cause just by being themselves. I find it interesting, just don’t let one of these nut jobs have your phone number. I go to the V.A. clinic & it’s an adventure in lunacy every trip.

  15. Holly fuck that was funny! (Expected from a fellow Aussie!) I’m going to bookmark this video and send it to any self righteous twat that want’s to show me anything involving Michael Moore!

  16. AA wrote:
    “Any “controlling” force would likely be a distributed network – very weakly connected at some points with a few strong nodes that have a disproportionate influence. But total control of something as large as Earth is simply impossible.”

    Well, I think such a group, if it existed, would only be concerned with controlling those things that it had an interest in. I’ve noticed that people seem to assess their value based upon their role within society; how much money they’re “worth;” and how many people that they “control”. Some kind of mechanism that includes those variables and perhaps one or two others appears to be likely, then.

    Now, if anything cropped up that wasn’t being directly controlled (in our imaginary world), but which undermined any of those key elements, above, then it would quickly become the focus of attention, and subject to control, or else it would be co-opted. If one thinks of the way that whistleblowers are treated, as a rule, then one may get some idea of what I’m trying to describe. But this, all this, is just whimsy, because as we all know, everybody is conducting themselves exactly in accordance with how they say they’re conducting themselves!


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