800 YouTube videos – maybe the haters are right

Waaaaaay back in June 2006 when I started on YouTube, I wouldn’t have believed I’d manage to make over 800 videos. After the fact it seems to have been very easy to do.  I hate to think where this creative energy would have ended up without this. I suspect there would have been heads on sticks at the bottom of my garden.

As is usual for my 100 milestone, I’ve done a compilation of clips of videos 701-799. If you have a spare 15 minutes, sit back and enjoy!



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22 responses to “800 YouTube videos – maybe the haters are right

  1. Once again, congrats on 800 vids. I hope you reach 1000 by the end of the year.

  2. steven22xy4

    well considering its the beginning of 2009 blackcatloner, i think he should be at 1000 3 quarters into the year. And truth speaker is such a hater, maybe he’s right? i think not.

  3. Congrats, hey, I just saw a bit of you on CNN, ranting about Michael Phelps.. good on ya! oi, oi oi and all that 🙂

  4. Al

    Hear its been hot in Melbourne Angry, wish it could be cooler for you, I hope you have plenty of ice ready to cool down.

    Consume some beer and keep indoors and for godsakes if you can do Videos without Lighting stay away from them, we wouldn’t want you fainting on us now would we.

    Its not very nice when its so hot, here in queensland it has been Quiet the opposite lots of floods and Rain in some parts of the country 😦

  5. Angry……… (Mr Sheeple).

    You are so convinced of your beliefs that you can not tolerate any person that has a difference of a opinion. That’s why you just say STFU. When that doesn’t work you go to stage two and just block the user. This is censorship and you complain about our governments desire for mandatory ISP filters. You have blocked me on YouTube and if you like you can block me here.

    I still have the same view of you. Your addition to the Simpson causes you to morph into the hypocritical persona called AngryAussie.

    We all have the potential for REAL CHANGE. Can you?

  6. Alan. the concept that refusing to put up with cunts is “censorship” is contemptible. It’s fucking pathetic. You should be utterly ashamed. Seriously. Cunts do nothing by try to tear people down. If you are that fucking paranoid then fuck you. You are worthless, contemptible scum. I WILL NEVER APOLOGISE FOR SHUTTING DOWN WORTHLESS SCUM! You have a whole fucking internet to have whatever free speech you want. Don’t act like a cunt around me and expect me to welcome it.

  7. na

    good work manipulating search engines, this might fuck up evolution

  8. Precisely, when you can not win an intellectual debate, you begin to put people down. You may want me to feel pathetic and worthless but as I always say, I will never become any persons victim.

    You say, “Cunts do nothing by try to tear people down.” What do you think you are doing be saying these words? Again you show your hypocrisy.

    I said many months ago that Obama would do nothing to bring the Bush administration accountable for War Crimes. You said that 9/11 (inside job) and others conspiracy theories take away the attention from more important issues. What are these important issue?

  9. Cunts like you are why the internet is fucked. The fact that you are too stupid and self absorbed to realise that does not surprise me. You’re a fucking joke.

  10. It’s funny… I haven’t called in here, for a while… Perhaps I have a nose for conflict, or something! AA, Alan, you think one another are cunts? You’re having a fucking laugh, you really are. You should see the fucking vitriol that some of the (vulnerable), mental health bloggers have had to put up with… *Really* personal, vicious, anonymous shit that’s come from some truly poisoned minds…. There was a story in one of the UK dailies, recently, about a guy who eventually threw himself from the roof of a multi-story car park, because of the taunting that he was receiving from the crowd, gathered below, even as the police were talking him down… That’s the fucking mentality that we have to deal with.

    You two, at least, know who it is that you’re dealing with… You can go to one another’s websites and leave shitty comments, but when the anonymous cunts come to call on us, we’re trapped in our own space, and we can’t reciprocate. That is cowardice of the highest order, and those kind of attacks can be truly terrifying for the recipient. Count yourselves lucky. Really.


  11. Matt: I have seen the very thing you mention with vulnerable bloggers with mental health issues and it truly disgusts me. Other than that, a couple of little points:

    1: I never leave shitty comments on other people’s blogs. Ever.

    2: I have no interest in continuing to give a platform to someone capable of the stupidity you see above. He is not welcome to comment here. Ever.

  12. AA, it wasn’t a criticism, and I didn’t say that you *did* leave shitty comments on others’ blogs, just that you were free to do that, in the full knowledge that another might come back at you, on yours. As to your second point: there’s evidently a history, here, that I know nothing of, and I’m not about to make judgments, particularly not when I’m not in full possession of the whole story.

    I don’t know what the argument is about, at root, and seeing as nobody’s inviting me to deconstruct it, I won’t. But it looked like it was getting out of hand, and I’m not one to stand by and watch that sort of thing, because that kind of voyeurism is as unpleasant to me as the conflict itself.


  13. ‘I never leave shitty comments on other people’s blogs. Ever.’

    This is true! You’ve been the sweetest to me. Makes me want to kick the ‘haters’ ass!!! o~o

    Wonder how it would make them feel to be bested by an old lady? 😀

  14. Anton La Vey

    Gresley, as you state on your website, you were abused at home by your parents. So you were a learn at home student, you were not abused professionally in the system, therefore you lack education, your arguments show it.

  15. Inseminator

    What kind of nut rekons he is on a journey of knowledge with his yoga ! You gresley, are on a one way journey, into the fukcing grave to be worm food, there is no indian guru witha tub of yougurt for you to eat on your yoga matt.

  16. BACK OFF


  17. Inseminator

    Nope, nobody knows who they are dealing with on gresley. But I may bring some light to what we are dealing with. 1) Quote – “I will have you know my husband was never home schooled”. This was said in response to a comment on gresley himself being home schooled. So we have CONFUSION. 2) From the same quote “my husband”. Yes I think everyone should back off, you all don’t know who you are dealing with, I thought gresley was a he, mr alan gresley, now the poster refers to it’s self as having a husband, so he is now a she ! Perhaps there is a case for gender confusion here. ALAN GRESLEY IS A TROLL. 3) Blame it on the board of education, lame, blame, blame. I’m sure gresley will find link bewteen the board of education and bin ladden. SO you want everyone to WAKE UP and DO WHAT ? All these nut jobs trying to warn us of nonsense ! When will you all realize yyou will all become worm food, a lifetime is not long enough to make a difference, why should I care.

  18. Dude, do me a favour and drop it. It really isn’t worth it.

  19. inseminator

    Dropped, can’t believe I took his bait.

  20. Alan Gresley


    It’s you who is confused. There is no gender confusion but rather a case of my wife having the last say. This I was not happy with. It’s not my way of being to threaten people.

    Yes, wake up, your poor grammar shows that you still have things to work on and your conclusions are totally wrong. So leads on to my opinion that you are walking around in a fog of ignorance.



  21. Alan Gresley

    How about that, I should check my post, shows my hypocrisy. I should have said,

    “So this leads on to my opinion that you are walking around in a fog of ignorance.”

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