Yolog a Day – Day 1 Communication

I’ve been inspired to shift gears for a week by Anakin1814 a YouTube friend so it’s all his fault.  I’m making a personal video each day for a week (which is called a yolog not vlog no matter how many fools say otherwise) just to explore some ideas. In this first one,  I talk about my approach to online communication and a few other things.

You also get to meet my stitch baby!  The stitch baby was made for me by the wonderful Lucy!

Actually, I almost re-shot this because I watched it and I wasn’t very lively. But I covered a lot of stuff I wanted to and I don’t mind the conversational style.



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2 responses to “Yolog a Day – Day 1 Communication

  1. It took me a moment to figure out, but I like your assertion about it being a yolog.
    I was going to suggest that it should perhaps be Eolog, but people would inevitably pronounce the E too, saying it as “eeyolog,” even though they shouldn’t. It would be a bit like the former premier of NSW, Morris Iemmer, pronounced “yemmer,” not “eeyemmer.”

    My own pointless addition to netspeak is to reinstate apostrophes where they should be. That’s why my own ‘blog is always spelt with the apostrophe, as one should when leaving letters or syllables out of a word.

  2. I think it’s more than fair to have your limits as to how you communicate with people, if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, and a good number of them are people who leave comments and a good number out of them are people who would call you, skype you whatever, it’s sensible to take measures as to limit how many of those people will contact you, and not just because of the cost, like you were saying about replying to comments, there’s really only so much time you have to devote to all this communication jazz.. and yes, as far as you “famous” lot go, you are one of the more responsive, so you certainly have no reason to apologize.

    @Bill, that sounds intriguing. I must say my ears prick up at the sound of apostrophe dorkism, though I can’t say I’m as particular as you are, my pet peeve is people putting inappropriate apostrophes in words they don’t belong, but perhaps this isn’t the right place to discuss that.. (and I could go on about it at length) so I’ll end it here.

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