Reasons I rip on haters

People often ask me, if I think haters are such a waste of space, why do I take the time to rip on them?  I punch those people in the face.  I have a range of reasons for ripping on haters and they are neatly explained in this graph:

haters chart

haters chart

Colourful AND informative!



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7 responses to “Reasons I rip on haters

  1. Vk

    hahaha. lovely! 😀

  2. My grumpiness is cured with this one post 🙂

  3. Glad I could help Jessica 😀

  4. Ben

    Nice I like that makes business class more enjoyable

  5. You do a lot of great graphs. lmao @ it’s fun! I knew that was gonna be the biggest answer.

  6. downfader

    I do the same. Dare you ever question how people drive or ride and you get all kinds of nut jobs coming on youtube or the web going bananas.

    I just quote the law letter for letter and they usually naff off.

    The other thing is I’m a muso and people pick all kinds of holes in that. You can play the most amazing Slayer’esque riffage on the axe and some snotty little kid comes along and goes “not metal”. Haha!! As if he knows, he’s barely the tail end of an embryo in age.

  7. Ben

    ha nice, well the world is doomed to many stupid people. geuss they picked up a copy of The Darwin Awards

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