God’s to-do list

Found stuck to a very large fridge somehwre in the cosmos:

God's to-do list

For those who can’t tell, I spent a lot of time in Catholic school.



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12 responses to “God’s to-do list

  1. Lmfao! This is very funny, and for some reason extremely accurate. I guess he’s saving the best for last.

  2. I’m sure he will get around to that last one eventually.

  3. Somehow I doubt it, Angry Aussie. Then again I don’t believe in God, so I don’t know why I’m doubting the ability of someone I don’t believe in.

    Doesn’t stop me from doubting it, though.

  4. tom

    i hope you remembered to thank your personal lord and savior for inspiring you to come up with that list!

  5. Hahahahaha. That is brilliant. Can’t wait to see what happens when he tries to accomplish that last one.

  6. Why would he bother accomplishing the last one?

    Then we wouldn’t “need” him any more. He wouldn’t have anyone to carry when life gets too hard.

  7. Ben

    Wow I can believe “god” could do numbers 1 and 2, with out problems that would be hard. AND REMBER PEOPLE BEFOr MIDNIGHT TO NIGH UPDATE ALL ANTIVIRUS other wise EVIL APRIL FOOLS VIRUSES WILL RAPE YOUR COMP macs might be safe maybe

  8. amazing blog! what about link exchange? let me know via post or email…

    cheers and good luck

  9. Brilliant, but they forgot send natural disaster and then save some random person’s house… he seems to do that a lot. Or should I say “He”.

  10. Jim Amos

    Haha #8 is the best. Those grammy winners are so f*cking annoying. Good list.

  11. downfader

    I once had a conversation with a lady at work who beleived in God. She had some weird “wobble” and asked “..if God exists, how come he lets bad things happen to good people?”

    My reply was “How do you know he isnt an arsehole?”

    Afterall the bible says we should fear him. The Koran too, to a degree. LOL mind you I dont believe, I’m a confirmed athiest, haha!

  12. i guess he stopped at 9…he cant do anything right!

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