Dragonball Movie Poster

What is it with Hollywood and casting white people in Asian roles? Possibly the most bizarre involved John Wayne as Genghis Khan.  At least they got it right in the new Dragonball movie:

Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution

Because white people with eyeliner are the same as Asians.



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19 responses to “Dragonball Movie Poster

  1. endor

    oh god they have totally ruined the image of Goku for being some innocent kid like adult and made him into some emo martial artist, am i the only one who finds this strange?

  2. DOA

    Hollywood turning an anime that was annoying to begin with into a movie? We’re gonna need napalm. Lots and lots of napalm…

  3. Ben

    not just napalm, some C4, and N2O, should, do the trick

  4. Omegatron

    And like all the dragon ball series’s before, it should take 12 hours worth of movie to finish a single fight scene.

  5. Quote- “not just napalm, some C4, and N2O, should, do the trick”.

    erm N²O is 2 nitrogen atoms to 1 oxygen atom its an explosive gas compound known as Nitrous-oxide basically oxidized nitrogen used as “laughing gas” and as a fuel boost in liquid or gas form in vehicles usually injected into the fuel system or directly into the port for instantaneous boost in power its basically more oxygen to the cylinders more oxygen = more bang but you need more fuel to keep the AFR in the right ratio it does almost the same thing as a Turbocharger or a Supercharger. i doubt people use it as a weapon.

    C4 is a military grade plastic High Explosive its great for directional charges 😀

    now for the dragon ball thing…..WTF! he doesnt even have Goku hair this movie will be a fucking travesty…3 chicks? wheres Krillin? Yamcha? im gonna wolf fang fist the mother fucker that made this movie! what a cunt!

  6. oh and with the nitrous oxide it will go bang but it would be a low explosive just making lots of fire and doing fuck all damage you need a powerful high explosive with a massive shockwave to do real damage so fuck the nitrous oxide get some semtex C4 and a shit load of dynamite

  7. zarbod

    ok i like dragonballz but once i was wishing that their would be a movie mad but this is just fucked up i mean if you were gonna make a movie about why try to make it real? they just could have made it animated but they wanted to do this personaly i hope the shit crashes and burns and everyone in volved with it has to apoligize to the real makers
    it’s also sad because i like chow yun fat but they got him to play roshi what the hell first off he has hair jackie chun had hair “and if you don’t know who he is then tough shit do some fuckin research”like the kind whoever made this shit shoud have done

  8. zarbod

    and what the fuck is up with the so called king piccolo? wheres krillin? tein?

  9. zarbod there is like over 13 animated DBZ movies

  10. kid buu

    if they had done research they would know that goku never went to school.
    Goku was raised in the forest
    The only reason goku went searching for the dragon balls was because of bulma and that the red ribbon army was looking for the dragon balls before piccolo

  11. kid buu

    also if they are going to call it dragon ballz they should know that gohan is the teenage school student not goku
    also piccolo is gohan’s friend and sensi

  12. Ben

    Kipp chill i know i was bored, and its really fucked up, they killing a good anime even though the fight scenes were an hour long, and my friends dared mee to so i did cause i was bored

  13. JO

    I’m an asian cutter of eyes and will beat anyone off to the bitter end. I see in this work a duet of bongo & skin piccolo…um, bassoon…w/ ribbon

  14. Ty

    The hoolywood movie induasty has totally screwed all real manga/anime lover over, i have been waiting on this movie to come sense the third grade when the rumors about it started spreading (im 16). im so fucking pissed that we even dared to make this movie! none of the characters look like they are supposed to, goku didnt even go to school, his grandfather died wen he was a boy, he meet chi-chi when he was younger, master roshi is supposed tobe way older, i can go on and on, i mean did they even do research on the show? American filmmakers should not be allowed to touch japanese stuff, and now theres a rumor going around that there is going tobe an american “Death Note” movie and they want Zach Effron to play Light! iv just prove my point, american film makers lack creativity and talent.

  15. lol…..eyeliner to be asian *giggles*. DBZ is very nostalgic to me, I watched the show when I was in primary school and collected the figurines, and as I grew up, it became a fad.


    That said, it’s pretty ghey to make cartoon in to a live-action movie, as it’s guaranteed that fail DOES ensue (unless it’s Marvel’s X-men or whatever).

  16. tenacioustasmanian


    I too am angry, but most say I am tenacious. So I created tenacioustasmanian.wordpress.com . I would welcome you having a look, subscribing and all that, and the ultimate rude bit, can I ask you to shamelessly promote my site on your site? I will do the same for you, as I think you have the Australain ear, and I am planing on having the Tasmanian ear. I suspect there are more than a few Tasmanians watching you.
    Hope this is possible. Will keep up with you blog and YouTube, but I am NOT a stalker, so I won’t do the twitter thing.



  17. I’M SO MAD I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO WATCH IT! 😦 Somebody PLEASE give me a good reason why I should watch this. I love Dragonball + Z + GT.

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