Blog TV Madness

I’ve been diversifying a little this month (as mentioned in previous posts) and trying out BlogTV.  It seemed a bit weird to me and I didn’t know what people expect me to do when I’m sitting there live.  So I asked.

It seems people are reasonably happy to watch me talking crap. For a laugh on Saturday night (my time) I decided to go on drunk. Or at least get drunk while I was on there. Because then I wasn’t drinking alone, I was drinking with other people and therefore not an alcoholic!

The show went on for about 3 and 1/2 hoursuntil I decided I really should stop around 1.30am.  Quite a lot of people came through during that time – around 100 I think but I was too drunk to know for sure.  But the good news was: no hangover!

A few people grabbed screen shots of various shenanigans:


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2 responses to “Blog TV Madness

  1. lol mate that truly was a fun night!

  2. Did you happen to get my photo of you on BlogTV?I posted it on Twitpic. Still it was a fun night (or in my case, a fun morning. Your show ran from 8-11:30 am NY time).

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