The Blogging Bot from the Future

An old favourite returns to YouTube:

Yes, that’s how the future really looks. And sounds.

And because I care about my viewers/readers, in case you found it hard to understand what the Blogging Bot was saying, here’s a transcript:

Greetings from the future.

From my vantage point in the future, I know the answer to many things that are regarded as mysteries in your time. For instance, some in your time suggest time travel must never be achieved because if it had been, time travellers would have come back to visit you. This might make sense apart from one thing you’re all such a bunch of dicks what time traveller would waste time coming back to see you?

You people are coming towards the end of what is known in my time as The Stupid Ages an age of ignorance, narcissism and self-obsession that is laughable in my enlightened future. Which I guess is my enlightened present. Your future. You get what I mean. Unless you’re one of the really stupid ones.

For instance: Fox News. What the hell is that about? The sort of rubbish spewed out on that supposed news network is so insanely mind-numbingly stupid if someone said something 1/1000th as stupid in my era, they would be put down as a mercy killing. Not a mercy for them they probably wouldn’t like it. A mercy for the rest of us. Because we don’t want to put up with crap like that.

I mean, seriously. In my age even children ponder great metaphysical questions. Do you know what the single most commonly asked question in your era is? When will I be famous? Not When will I be recognised for my achievements but When will I be famous? What the hell is wrong with you people? Why not get off your at reality-TV watching arses and do something worthwhile? Get good at something and wait for people to notice that. Don’t sit there staring into your mirror asking When will I be famous?


I’m sorry, I recently had my personality subroutine augmented and I haven’t quite got the hang of controlling the contempt I feel for the Stupid Ages yet.

I implore you, do your part to end the Stupid Ages. Stop obsessing about yourself and day-to-day trivia and get out and change something in the world for the better. Or not. Like I give a crap. You’re all dead to me anyway.

End transmission


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One response to “The Blogging Bot from the Future

  1. Actually I remembering hearing on some program on ABC1 that time travel is possible. I don’t know the technical details but you actually can’t get back to the past really.

    It’s because it takes time to charge the machine to go back a period of time. The example they gave was that if you wanted to go back 15years, it would take 50 years for the machine to charge up. Meaning that you would never be able to return to an era before the invention of the time machine…

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