BlogTV Shenanigans

I had a fun time on BlogTV tonight. If the idea of interacting with me live seems like fun to you, you should sign up to get notifications of my live shows.  Or follow me on Twitter to get tweets telling you what I’m doing. Or not. I completely understand if this doesn’t appeal to you.

But we have fun doing bizarre things like playing 20 questions. And I do occasional rants. And people frequently convince me to do stupid things:

Dalek or dickhead?

Dalek or dickhead?

And there are sexy goings on like me rubbing my nipples:

I'm dead sexy

I'm dead sexy

Plus you often get sneak previews into what I’m doing if you tune into the BlogTV shows – I was showing off prototype t-shirt designs today.  All in all, it’s fun.

If you’re into fun.



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3 responses to “BlogTV Shenanigans

  1. I’m disappointed I missed it then; I always love the different t-shirts you wear in videos.

    Did you end up going with Cafepress for your designs then? I’ll probably get one when you start selling them.

  2. Be honest, you were actually just rubbing your nipples. 🙂

  3. CanaanSGl

    I’ll be sure to catch the next one!

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