First Milestone for the Angry Empire

So I took the big leap this week up and set up some online t-shirt sales.  Thanks to the magic of CafePress I can actually do this without too much hassle. Of course nobody might actually care but enough people have commented over the years that I should sell t-shirts that I thought I’d give it a go.

The whole adventure is made easier by the fact that one on my YouTube subscribers did some designs for me. And I didn’t even ask for them – he just did them.  So now there are two designs available on CafePress. This one:

Angry Shirt

Angry Shirt

And this one (that I’ve been using as an icon on various websites)

AngryAussie Mask Design

AngryAussie Mask Design

So give me moneyyou bastards. Or not. This is really just an experiment. But if you want to, click here for the default “Angry” design or click here for the mask design. And because people have always said they like the shirts I design myself and suggested that hand made shirts would sell, I’ve been working on some prototypes. I can’t exactly mass produce these but I’ve cobbled together a home made screen so I can print multiple shirts before the screen packs it in.

The whole process of making these shirts still takes an insane amount of time so it isn’t worth my while to make them unless I can sell them for at least $50. If anyone thinks that’s insane you won’t get a lot of argument for me. So the really experimental part of this process was doing some prototypes and putting them up on eBay to see what happens.

The good news (for me) is I’ve already sold one! Admittedly, to my friend Nick (AKA Arthur40TwoDent on YouTube) but it’s a start. The commercial juggernaut that is the Angry Empire has been launched. Jump aboard or be crushed under its wheels. Which is my way of inviting you to bid on one of the following designs on eBay:

STFU - Red on Gold

STFU - Red on Gold

Click here for the auction for this shirt.

STFU - Purple and Yellow

STFU - Purple and Yellow

Click here for the auction for this shirt

STFU - Red & Gold on White

STFU - Red & Gold on White

Click here for the link to this auction.

And, me being me, I made a video to celebrate this milestone for the Angry Empire:


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