Who makes the best “Old Fred”?

I’ve been looking for an excuse to run a WordPress poll and here it is!  About three weeks ago I did a video that was essentially a spoof of the most subcribed channel on YouTube, Fred.  Given I’m about 30 years older than him, I imagined what he’d be like in 30 years if he was still making YouTube videos.

And just the other day, Mediocre Films, a channel with way more subscribers than me (like 200,000 more subscribers) did a video where… well, they imagined what Fred would be like in 30 years. Now, the person who pointed it out to me is crying foul but I think it’s more likely that this is simply a coincidence rather than them ripping me off deliberately. It isn’t as if this is the most innovative idea in the history of comedy. Spoofing popular people is pretty common.

The timing seems a bit coincidental but I’m willing to believe it’s nothing more sinister than a coincidence. But seeing there are two versions of “Old Fred” now, why don’t we put it to the vote?

Here’s Mediocre Films:

Here’s me:

Who makes the best Old Fred?

P.S. I’ve been watching “The Mighty Boosh” on DVD recently. If I’d seen the “Old Gregg” episode before I made this video I probably would have had my version of Fred scream “I’m Old Fred – I’ve got a mangina!”



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18 responses to “Who makes the best “Old Fred”?

  1. skull7878

    I liked ommovies one better. Played a more believable Fred 😛

  2. PubescentInquisitor

    Rich Evil Fred hand’s down.

  3. Shadowk18

    Mediocrefilms does it better. Fred still would act crazy.

  4. I am a subscriber to both AngryAussie and Mediocre Films and I must say AngryAussie’s old fred will choke a bitch. Enough said.

  5. Hey there, I just saw your twitter post under my @mediocrefilms replies. To set your mind at rest, I didn’t see your video until today. I’d seen other Fred spoofs, and knew I wanted to do one with him at my age. In fact, I’d been planning it for months and just made the time this week. Anyhow, I enjoyed your video just now and wish you the best of luck with choking a bitch. 🙂

    p.s. I vote for mine. Which one do you vote for??

  6. Chibiicap

    it’s kinda differnt

    cause with mediocre films version the fred there is more like a kid who just discovered he was an adult.

    and yours is more like what he would be when he actually was an adult and knew he was one.

    each vid has it’s own quality but i personally find mediocre films to be more entertaining

  7. They both where equally annoying. But I’m going to have to go with Mediocrefilms, only cause I can relate to it. Growing up an all lol!

  8. Tory

    mediocre films 1 was more fred like…
    so AA was better, but both made me consider suicide

  9. ashley doran

    Sorry AA, Im a huge fan and I loved your take on it, but i think he hit the nail on the head with his vid…even the facial expression and constant whinging….oh, he really is such a pansy.

  10. EaGle13337

    haha i like medicore’s better as it was more annoying and like fred.

  11. LOL Well, Mr. A…

    As much as I hate to say it, I think I have to agree with those who thought the Mediocre Films version was more accurate.

    If it’s any consolation, I also agree with them with respect to why. The MF version was more annoying, more pointless, and absolutely, and uncompromisingly more inane than I think you are psychologically capable… 🙂

  12. wow ok i think Mediocre films spoof was a bit over the top “even though fred is like that” it was still a Fail in my Opinion AA you did a great job in conclusion mediocre fail AA for the win >:]

  13. I voted for mediocrefilms.. I love you AA and I hadnt watched anything by mediocre til now, but I honestly found more mediocre’s video more entertaining.

    I thought yours was fantastic, but the way mediocrefilm’s did the camera work was superb. Exactly like Fred’s.

    Someone above mentioned that your one is what would happen if Fred had grown up and knew he was an adult, and mediocrefilm’s was more as though Fred was suddenly grown up.

    I agree with that.. so both videos are great in their own way. 🙂

  14. Ed

    Mate I didn’t even read the post this comment is on but fuckin good blog u got ere jus found it when I searched for fucksarahpalin will read ur angry shit from now on… Ed

  15. that other guy is crap… Andrew you were much funnier!

  16. Aislinn

    You were more watchable than than the one from mediocre films, but considering that fred himself is really unwatchable, I voted Mediocre films. I’m sorry, you are alot better than fred to watch.

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