The TFU Files

I used to be so motivated to keep this blog running but it really has faded away over the last year. It isn’t as if I’ve stopped doing anything – I’ve remained really active on YouTube and in fact I’ve become more focused on what I’m doing there as several people have proven it’s possible to make good money through the site.  So yes, that’s apparently what it takes to hold my whore-ish attention: the offer of money.

But in all honesty, that doesn’t explain why I haven’t been posting more material here- even if all I did was post my YouTube videos here, that would be three or four new posts a week.  I’ve kind of made an assumption that anyone who really wanted to see my videos would watch them on YouTube but that probably isn’t completely accurate.  It really comes down to the fact I’m incredibly lazy and have been for pretty much all of my life.

That might sound strange given the amount of work I did manage to do on this blog and the hours of work I still put into YouTube but it’s essentially true. I’m very lazy and will actively avoid any sort of work unless it’s something I really want to do for myself.  Of course I do my work in my day job (just in case anyone I work for/with is reading this) but that’s to earn money.  I don’t want to do the job but I do want the money.  But you know those people who say they’d stay at their jobs if they wont the lottery? Those people are idiots.

Maybe I have an unfair advantage because I have a very clear idea of what I’d do for personal fulfillment if I didn’t need a day job (namely, my online adventures) but the idea of doing your day job for self-actualisation seems fucking insane to me.  But I’m like that.  Opinionated.

It really does seem like a waste to not maintain this blog as I have managed to garner a decent amount of attention through it.  The thing is, it achieved its primary goal.  The name of the blog, “Angry 365 Days a Year”, was my mission statement for the first year.  I was going to make at least one blog post every day for a year being angry about something.  Mission Accomplished.  Unlike George Bush, I didn’t get a big banner on an aircraft carrier proclaiming that.  Also unlike George Bush, I wasn’t lying when I proclaimed “Mission Accomplished.

My original intent was to develop material for standup comedy routines but the combination of seeing how hard comedians work and the rise of YouTube killed that idea.  I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are working comedians and they work incredibly hard for frequently small returns in terms of audience size.  That’s too 20th Century for me.  Occasionally I piss them off by mentioning my viewer numbers on YouTube and the fact I can actually make money.

A lot of that material I have posted on this blog has ended up becoming the basis of videos and I had considered using the blog to continue to write up script ideas.  But again, the whole “I’m a lazy bastard” thing rears its ugly head.  Most of my videos roll out quite nicely without needing a formal script (I tend to play out the idea in my head a LOT before making the video).  The ones that are scripted are usually the product of a script I scrawled out in a notebook while riding public transport on the way to and from work.  So in either case, typing them up in the blog is doubling the work and I can’t be arsed doing it.

I’ve had a few ideas this year about how to bring a bit of life back to this blog.  They were mainly about doing shorter posts and more visual posts but I haven’t really followed through.  The thing is, I think it’s good for me to write more.  It’s a good skill to practice, it keeps the mind sharp and it’s likely to help me make videos.  One idea I’m almost certain I’ll follow through with (now that I’ve had it) is the TFU Files.

I’ve been running a regular video feature on Fridays for a few months now.  It’s a week in review type of thing that I call Totally Fucked Up Friday (abbreviated to TFU as shown in this charming graphic done by YouTube pal DrakeMagnum).



The news items I select for the video all serve as evidence to prove my theory that world really is Totally Fucked Up.

It’s proven to be quite popular with users and now I frequently get suggestions for topics.  Between the suggestions and my own reading I usually have plenty of worthy TFU stories to choose from and I end up narrowing it down to two or three choices.  What I’m thinking for the TFU files is that I’ll write a short piece for every potential idea (maybe as short as a one paragraph brain fart) so I’m thoroughly geared up by Friday.

I like the idea of doing this because it essentially lets me do a response for every person who gives me a suggestion.  I probably only use one in ten suggestions (or less) but I do like to encourage people to give them to me.  Sometimes I don’t use a suggestion because I can’t think of any good jokes about it, sometimes I feel like it isn’t right for me (I’m very cautious about stories that involve death or personal tragedy) and sometimes the suggestions are plain fucking stupid.

Honestly, the number of people who seem to have no fucking idea about my motivations stuns me.  Am I too subtle?  Of all my flaws, I didn’t think one of them was leaving people guessing as to what I think about things.  For instance, I get people who seriously expect me to join their racist crusades, apparently because I’m an angry white guy.  They tend to get “fuck off” as a reply along with a link to one of my many anti-bigotry videos.

Another benefit of making a short post for every idea would be as a reminder to me.  The number of times I’ve thought about a good idea during the week and then totally forgotten about it when it comes time to make the video is ridiculous.  I normally (stupidly) wait until Friday to get down to planning the TFU Friday video.  This has led to many agonising instances of me berating myself for forgetting what the hell it was I had planned to do or maybe simply being unable to find the link to the story I want.

So in short, making this blog a repository for TFU files is a win for everyone.  I don’t lose material, people who suggest things to me get recognition and attention span challenged readers get plenty of tidbits to provide diversion during the day.  Unless I complete fail to follow through again.

But what are the chances of that?


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