TFU Comix – Left 4 Dead 2 banned

Thought I’d put the comic version of the previous post here for anyone who wanted it:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5



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4 responses to “TFU Comix – Left 4 Dead 2 banned

  1. Damn Brother, that is fucked up! Nanny state government officials who make stupid ass laws up like that need to be kicked in their testicles/ovaries respectively.

  2. Love it, gad, you must have hurt your voice in the video -though? Ouch!

  3. TehBenshiGuy

    Too true mate. In fact, this MA 15+ rating is basically saying that under 15’s can’t have it because it contains content that they shouldn’t see. Like they are fucking going to care about that!

    Still, I think it’s fucked up that adults can’t have it.

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