Poll time:

OK, so I’m reaching out to the internet for help again. I’ve recently started a new regular segment on my YouTube channel called WAINGAFAT Wednesday. It’s on Wednesdays. The acronym stands for Who Am I Not Giving A Fuck About Today?

I was excited when the awesome Blordough AKA Shaun McGlinn volunteered to do me some theme music (he already did the heavy metal Angry Aussie theme I use for my TFU Friday videos). After he did the them I thought I needed some visuals for the opening as well and I’ve come up with a few possibilities.

There’s option number one:

Option number two:

Option number three:

In case you can’t tell, number two is a slightly sped up version of number three.  So let me know, which one do you think works best?


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9 responses to “Poll time:

  1. Definitely go w/ #3. Also I’m gonna see if I can film a TFU closing for you, if that’s still open.

  2. Dismutased

    Voted! Number 1.

  3. Dylan

    I like either of the second two, the first one just seems a bit slow is all. Also, you make great videos.

  4. Aleks

    I like the first one the best honestly. It would be better if it were faster though.

  5. Angrypussie

    You’re a wimp and a momma’s boy.

    You’re probably gay also…


  6. Andrew aka SpearWieldingOctopus

    Nice stuff man! Great quality videos well put together.

    vote #69

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