Ugly shoes or Ugliest shoes?

Or so ugly I simply have to get them?

Angry Keds

I’ve become a little obsessed with making apparel in the Zazzle shop (click here to witness my obsession) and when they recently made men’s Keds available I felt like it had to be done. Part of it was simply going through the exercise of designing them but now I’m seriously considering getting a pair.

I’ll do it.

After all, I’ve done it before. My first thought is it’s too narcissistic. But then, the design is so abstract nobody is going to realise that it’s about me. Then there’s the issue of how ugly the design may be to some people. But I never let that stop me:

Angry Tie


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One response to “Ugly shoes or Ugliest shoes?

  1. Your shoes above looks way better compared to the ones on my ugly shoe list – 10 Most Ugly Shoes Ever Created 🙂

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