TFU Files – Lying gay conservatives

One of my favourite topics earned a guernsey for this week’s TFU Friday – anti-gay conservatives who are actually gay. Roy Ashburn isn’t as spectacular as Ted Haggard (using church money to buy crack cocaine and gay escorts) or as funny as Larry Craig (I have a “wide stance”) but he’s one of the boys now.

Here’s a fun slideshow of anti-gay hypocrites through the years.

The other story that caught my eye was so fucked up it’s almost sad. Fox News sued for the right to deliberately lie to the public – and they won. How do you even satirise an outfit that has stopped even pretending they have a soul?



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3 responses to “TFU Files – Lying gay conservatives

  1. You can’t sue someone for lying. You can call them arseholes (They can probably sue you for that though. Bunch of pricks.), but seriously who honestly thinks fox has any soul. It a mechanism of the capitalist society we live in. Unfortunately without being a complete hypocrite you cant say shit. It’s capitalism that provides us with your quality of lie, it’s capitalism that has given us our technological advancements. It’s capitalism that provides us with all the pleasantries of modern living. So you have to take a stand, find a solution. Fight the power, screw the bureaucrats and figure out how to make socialism work (My only solution for socialism so far has been to kill every being in existence.) Or deal with the fact were all capitalist scum and make the most of it.

    However they need to be consistent. If fox can lye to the public because of the first amendment. A criminal can lye to a judge for the same reason. Thank god we live in Australia, where we know our politicians are pricks and no one pretends we have any real rights.

  2. btw, if someone could correct my spelling I’d be ever so great full

  3. Big Bong Hitter

    Yo, just to clarify, Haggard was hitting the shards, i.e. crystal methylamphetamines, totally different to crack cocaine. Also, think he was (largely)just using the service of one dude, ironically called Mike Jones, sharing a name with that annoying rapper from Houston. Besides, they were just “companions” :] Peace!

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