Saudi woman beats the crap out of “virtue” police

When I read this story about young Saudi woman hospitalising on of the cretinous (and frankly terrifying) morality cops that infest that country, I was simultaneously elated and depressed. Elated because it’s always good to see an oppressed minority strike back at an authority figure. Depressed because I can’t help but feel that the punishment meted out to this woman will be particularly brutal.

Religious intolerance is bad enough when it simply takes the form of the societal pressures to conform we get in western democracies but when there’s a brutal police force whose sole role is to enforce barbaric medieval “morality” it becomes truly evil.

And around the world we have anti-Muslim morons crying “ban the burqa” and daring to say they’re doing it to protect women’s rights and not simply treating Muslims as second class citizens. So why aren’t these champions of the rights of Muslim women promoting action against oppressive countries like Saudi Arabia and calling for boycotts?

Oh yeah… oil. We wouldn’t want our championing of oppressed women to actually cost us anything.


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