Stupid woman sues Google for stupid reason

I do like it when I get the opportunity to highlight someone who’s just really fucking stupid in a really frivolous and meaningless way. Often when I’m compiling material for a blog post or a TFU Friday video it’s fairly heavy or at least contentious.

But some people are stupid, pure and simple. I like to keep my moments of stupidity private. I certainly don’t do things that would draw the world’s attention to my idiocy. Not so, Lauren Rosenberg of Park City, Utah. She used Google maps to get walking directions. All fine so far. Then the directions she was following essentially suggested she should walk down a highway that didn’t have a footpath. But that’s OK because she isn’t a moron.

Oh wait, yes she is.

This moron walked into traffic on a highway and surprise, surprise, she got hit by a car. That’s stupid and embarrassing but if that was the end of it I’d cut her some slack. Everyone does stupid things sometimes.

That wasn’t the end of it.

This unbelievable fucking moron thinks she now has the right to sue Google because she’s stupid enough to walk onto a highway. If she was dead she’d be a sure thing for this year’s Darwin award but she’s alive so she’s a prime candidate for most frivolous lawsuit of the year. I’ll go out on a limb and say she’s going to lose the case, not least because Google include a disclaimer about this sort of thing.

So she suffered a painful accident. She’s a laughing stock around the world. And I doubt she’s learned anything by it. Stupid people are like that.



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64 responses to “Stupid woman sues Google for stupid reason

  1. Of course, this will get worse if she actually wins…I’m assuming this is in America and well, anything is possible there..

    • Megan

      Right, because all Americans have at one time sued someone and won. That’s why Americans are so rich.

      You, are just another fucking moron who thinks that they know something about America, but you haven’t actually lived there. You have no clue what’s possible and not possible.

      And you’re “assuming” it’s in America? Good to see that you don’t lack deficiency in reading comprehension.

      You must be jealous and you’re trying to be more American.

    • Dimebag

      Assuming?? haha you’re fucking retard, I’m gonna go ahead and assume the Utah (A state in America) Is in America, retard.

    • John Key

      @Megan Rage lol Calm down stupid american 😛

    • ChaoticEvil

      Well, not everyone around the world has to know the names of your states/fancy named provinces, get real.

  2. And $10 says she voted for Obama.

  3. philak

    She wins forsure. Are you kidding me? Welcome to America!


    • Megan

      Welcome to reality. Very few people win lawsuits in America. In fact, in over 40 years of living in America, I never met one single person who had ever filed a lawsuit. Not to say it doesn’t happen. But it’s not like you think it is, you stupid whore.

    • nah

      Megan, stop being a fucking asshole to everyone. You’re the one sounding like a roid-raging retard.

    • OnlyPolitical

      Yes, welcome to America, where, ummm, well, come back to me later.

  4. Hmmm…
    “Yo mamma is so stupid, she sued Google for saying the fastest way there is to walk on the highway!”

  5. She is such a moron i can’t believe she is suing GOOGLE

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  7. i found this site using google

  8. the woman is such a retard Americans are cool and she should look for cars now I can imagin her walking aside the road and then semi comes and hits her and her head is found on mars

    • Kerry

      No I wouldn’t let an idiot like that in a car she would probly try and play chicken with a cemi truck

    • Megan

      I hope that in the year since you made this comment you’ve learned that you speak and write English like a fucking retard.

    • Megan

      “joe”…maybe you should learn to write English properly, before making it obvious you’re a fucking retard.

  9. M

    What a retard she’s suing google? Google dosen’t give a fck there rich they must be making billions by the minute

    • Megan

      What’s really retarded is that here you are calling the kettle black…moron. You think you know English, and you don’t.

  10. Jordan

    good for her, I would do the same if google made the mistake of directing her towards traffic on a highway in the first place, then it’s not her fault. What if she was blind or deff. Google should be looked after better considering its #1 popular website. she made money off a mistake made my google, so I say it again good for her,smart move.

    • The hilarious thing is, given the nature and extent of stupidity on the internet, it’s impossible to tell whether that’s an attempt at a joke (Irony doesn’t work in text) or if you’re actually that fucking stupid.

    • Dylan

      I agree with you, Jordan. Since Google is such a popular and highly trusted cooperation, it should have taken extended preparation and awareness of caution for such possible fucking dumb-ass individual’s behavior.
      Seriously, such big, trusted companies are being so ignorant about public’s safety. Recently, I’ve realized that Starbucks’ chairs are not labeled with a warning sign that says ‘could break if you’re fat.’ Come on, Starbucks. That’s very dangerous. What if Oprah comes to Starbucks and sits down, and the chair collapse? Do you know how valuable she is? She can easily sue Starbucks with $100 million.
      Yes, I’m very fucking serious

    • Megan

      That’s an attempt at writing English.

  11. Kerry sherrill

    Yes I agree not only is this world sur happy that its ridiculous but you just can’t fix stupid. What the hell wa she thinking? “hey let’s walk in the middle of the damn freeway” one of those unfixable morons. Oh well let her be stupid though

  12. Megan

    Europeans and Brits love to think that they have a monopoly on intelligence. Not that I consider this to be an example of idiocy. I consider it to be an example of a fag who likes getting people to read his half-baked, half the story fag blog.

    More to the point: I’ve lived in Europe for years and I guarantee you that Europe has more morons per capita than you can shake ten sticks at…and certainly and easily more morons than you could ever find in America. See, in Europe, the average person is a moron. In America, people actually (mostly) have some semblance of common sense.

    It’s a sad fact, that in Europe, everyone walks around on a constant basis and thinks that they know what America is like…even though 98% have never been there, and in America, people will never pretend that they are authorities on Europe.

    And for the most part, Europeans think that they know things about America, because they watched a Clint Eastwood movie, with an orangutan in it, once.

    Europeans also think that they can speak English better than Americans.

    In fact, to their credit, Americans don’t really think about Europe on a daily basis…I’d even say that Americans just don’t give a crap about Europe, which is refreshing. Unlike the ball sacks that walk around almost each and every European city, town and village obsessing about some fantasy world that they’ve never seen.

    • common denominator

      Wow, just… wow.. Megan you are the only person giving your people a bad name you racist bitch… damn you, you made me swear, and i don’t swear often,you can feel proud of that accomplishment. any way, the only half baked story here is how you, a seven year old, has been living in europa for years on her own, and still call us stupid, i find your argument invalid you blbá suka… you rasistické hlúpa suka…

    • Jarad

      I’m going to have to agree with you here. UK people think they have superior intelligence and talk snootily. Plus, I don’t get their sense of humor. British shows are so weird – especially British comedies. Apparently British people think awkward silence is the only form of comedy.

    • L

      Australian’s think they’re smarter too. 😛

  13. Someone you don't need to know

    Megan your f***ing stupid. I mean it. You think being an American is so special. Really it’s not. America is one of the fattest countries. Being an Asian is special. Who’s with me?

    • Being Asian does not make you special. Being American doesn’t make you
      special. It doesn’t matter what race you are, no one is special. We are all equal. Normally I would tell “Someone you don’t need to know” to f*** off, but
      I’m trying to change.

    • somebody you don't need to know

      Hey Zeke i was making a joke. Why don’t you get a drink and relax. Maybe you don’t have a sense of humor, idk but Megan was saying that America is the best country ever. Their is no best country in the world because every country has their own problems.

  14. Someone you don't need to know

    I also mean being British, Megan.

  15. Someone you don't need to know

    Just kidding I love Britain.

  16. Emily-may jones

    megan you are a fucking retard i mean seriously british people do speak better english than americans and honistly you should just kill yourself because you are a fucking cunt by the way biche dont post again save your energy because people dont care about you and your retarded posts

    • Dear “Emily-may jones”,
      You have the right to express your opinion. You do NOT have the right to call someone a fucking retard, cunt, or a bitch. You also do NOT have the right to tell someone the should honestly just kill their self. Who are you to say that nobody cares about “Megan”? Do you know her? I doubt it. I’m notsaying I do, but there probably is someone out there who does care about her. Guess what, she should keep posting, because I care about her posts. I read everybody’s comments.
      Even though I doubt you’re reading this, thanks for your time.

  17. First and most important AMERICA FUCKING ROCK’S. That’s just my opinion though. Second you guy’s are funny as shit. I’m willing bet 90% of you live in america.

  18. michael david

    fuck u bitch ass niggas that castigate europe

  19. someone you don't need to know

    umm… ok?

  20. just a simmple bean

    wow you are all so mean i mean Megon your just a jerk I’ve lived in both America and parts of Europe so ya im pretty sure i know what America is like

  21. Hi guys im asian but I was born in america. so yeah. cya

    PS, thats a lot of cuss word

  22. somebody you dont know

    lol i love how u guys are just arguing which race is the best.

  23. Ohhboy

    I searched Dumb Google and landed here.. 🙂

  24. somebody you need to know

    lol i searched why is google so dumb

  25. Speedyblupi

    “you’re fucking retard”

    Dimebag, you’re the best example of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Please learn how to use the English language.

  26. bob

    In the world of “Everyone gets a trophy!” and “There are no losers!” because you don’t keep score in a game or match, we have taken away valuable lessons away from current and future generations. There are no “Harsh” reality checks for the young anymore. Pretty soon if we don’t change our ways, we are going to have thieves and felons acquitted with a defense of “I didn’t know any better!”

    The more you try to make something idiot proof, all you do is make a better idiot.

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