Melbourne Street Art

One of the things I love making videos of is the awesome street art/graffiti around Melbourne. The city is renowned as having some of the best street art in the world and despite the occasional bleating of various city and state governments the large scale quality works are extremely popular.

There’s always a problem with taggers scrawling their shit over people’s property in general and over actual quality pieces in particular. The fact that they scrawl over the really good works sums them up for me – talentless little pieces of shit who get jealous of people who can actually do something worthwhile and want to drag them down. When they can’t even respect what they consider their own “scene” you know they are total fucking losers.

Actually, the thing that probably shits me most about taggers is how they defend their own stupidity. They will actually blather on about how the scene needs taggers. Talentless, childish and seriously fucking deluded to boot.

Anyhow, I made a couple of videos of street art this weekend and I thought I’d share them here. This first video is mostly newer work that I haven’t shot before. Most of it is in one of the city hotspots – Hosier Lane near Federation Square and there’s also a sequence that was shot in St Kilda in a lane off Acland Street.

This second video is essentially showing off a new effect I discovered when I upgraded to the latest version of my video editing software (Corel {formerly Ulead} Video Studio for those who are interested). I was going to shoot some new stills of some fairly extensive works around a tram stop and pedestrian subway on St Kilda Road but the whole area was being torn up for roadworks when I went there.

So I decided to use some old photos from about four years ago. It’s highly likely none of these pieces exist any more as the artists tend to paint over them every year or two. So this video has become a tribute to the ephemeral nature of street art – commemorating works that have passed away.

Or maybe it’s just pretty pictures.

The music in these videos is by my friend Kipp AKA Vortex who always comes through with good tracks when I need them.


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