Beneath Contempt

I was playing around with some ideas on creative ways to insult morons who leave stupid comments (“go fuck yourself” is an old standby but I like to have a bit of variety) and I ended up expressing myself (as I so so often do) through t-shirts. I’ve gone for a variety of ways of saying someone is beneath contempt as follows:

While these designs are fun, I wanted something that I could use as a response to stupid comments that the haters wouldn’t understand. Inside jokes are fun and confusing morons is even more fun. And so I came up with a pseudo-Venn diagram with “Contempt” as a large circle with a small circle underneath it (beneath contempt). It’s rounded off with the explanation “you are the small circle” which becomes the reply I will give to comments that are beneath contempt.

I also explained this via a YouTube video with the help of one of the sexy models provided by Zazzle:

Finally, as a result of several suggestions, I’ve also turned the phrase into a de-motivational poster:

The image is one of the designs that have been done for me by a YouTube friend, DrakeMagnum. The good news (as far as I’m concerned) is that he feels inspired to do a new design based on this idea. I can’t wait to see it!


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