English Faggots

That’s some shameless linkbait in that heading. It ought to attract gay anglophiles, moronic homophobes, anti-England bigots and gay rights activists looking for something to be outraged over.

And it’s simply a photo of me with some faggots I found in an English supermarket.

The real question is who is this Mr Brain and why does he like his faggots with more sauce?



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4 responses to “English Faggots

  1. doug

    that’s hillarious–though i thought that was the English for cigarettes (e.g., ‘i’m going outside to have a fag’)

    where i grew up those tiny pastel-colored cylinders (that look like ants from more a few feet away) and that you sprinkle on ice cream are called ‘jimmies’. I think that’s their word for condoms.

  2. Niko

    that joke has never been done before.When are you going to unblock me from youtube?

  3. Niko: When you stop being a cunt. Based on the cunt of an attitude you display here, I would assume that would be never.

  4. Edwin

    Having just read the faggot article on Wikipedia, I be inclined to avoid eating pork faggots in general. Mr Brain’s Faggots sound slightly more palatable (they, according to the article, “differ significantly from the traditional recipe”).

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