Cream Tea in Banwell Castle

This is the first HD video from my recent trip to the UK. It’s the start of my road trip Steve AKA EvilB which eventually headed north the Edinburgh then back down to London. We started off going on a drive with Pete AKA Pazvibes to meet up with Nathan AKA Paradigma and Steffi AKA DeliriumReal/SaraParker in Weston Super Mare (North Somerset). They took us up to Banwell Castle for cream tea – you can’t really get much more English than that.

The music is by Pete’s band The Martin Harley Band from their album “Drumrolls for Somersaults”.


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One response to “Cream Tea in Banwell Castle

  1. That looks totally fun, and like it had great scenery! I hope you took a nice camera with you to take photos with. I could easily annoy travel partners with the constant stopping to take photos with that kind of scenery!

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