Adelaide Adventure

I went to Adelaide recently – my first visit to the city and now I can finally say I’ve been to every state and territory capital city in Australia. Go me! There were two puposes to the trip. One was to go to the wedding of these fine people:

The second was to meet up with my long time YouTube friend, Cory Williams AKA Mr Safety of SMP Films. We saw dolphins:

We also collaborated on quite a few videos which will be appearing soon. I think we both agreed that in a perfect world I’d travel to the states once a year and he’d travel here once a year so we could work together every six months. But to make that work I need to either earn a lot more or get a wealthy benefactor. In the meantime, here’s an emu!



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4 responses to “Adelaide Adventure

  1. Don

    Ha, I thought the emu was a wet dog with a bird in its mouth!

    Good to see you’re still alive, it’s been a while since you popped up in the RSS feed.

  2. I love Adelaide – thanks for sharing your pics.

    Thank you also for comments on how I can improve my own blog; I do like your layout. cheers

  3. Tyler

    You’ve been to Jervis bay territory, Norfolk Island territory and Cocos Island territory? Impressive.

    • Just when I think I’ve posted something nobody could be a fuckwit about, along comes a fuckwit to remind me that there is no lower limit to stupidity on the internet. Congratulations “Tyler” – you are a truly worthless fuckwit. The lowest of the low.

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