Fan Art

One of my favourite things that have come out of creating the “Angry Aussie” character is the contributions fans of my work have made. From people who have collaborated in videos to people who have created music especially for me (notably NSG, Vortex and Blordough) to people who have created artworks, I’ve been continually surprised and delighted by people’s contributions. Not least because I’ve never asked people to do these things for me; they felt inspired to do it themselves.

I am always blown away by the work DrakeMagnum does for me (it features on the backrops I use for videos and several t-shirts) and he’s just done this piece which makes for an awesome commemoration of the recent visit to Australia by my friend Cory AKA Mr Safety of SMP Films.

This piece is inspired by this video shot in Adelaide:


And just because I like theme, here are a few more DrakeMagnum designs:





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