Young Spice vs AngryAussie

Old Spice meme is Old. We have Young Spice. Allow me to explain.

I do a lot of my video development with my friend Adrian Calear who is very well know in Melbourne comedy circles as both a performer and director. Adrian and I recently met Michael (the young man in the video below) at a mini-gathering in Melbourne. He was here getting some treatment to make sure his body doesn’t reject a bone marrow transplant which was itself treatment for a second round of blood cancer. Which is clearly shit-heaps fun.

And yes, I said second round of blood cancer. Michael has previously been treated successfully for leukaemia. So we figured he should have some fun while he’s here. We worked on a few ideas and techniques then shot this video. I think he’s done a damn fine job for his first time on camera.

After we watched the video, we realised the fact we had used a blue sheet as the backdrop meant we could have some fun with chroma-keying (AKA BlueScreening) and so started messing around. Then we remembered we had a friend who has quite a good studio set up with a green screen so we’ve come up with a collaboration project that we’ll be unveiling soon.

In the meantime, this video is a teaser:


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