Let ProductCorp PROMISE you a CURE

Does it seem like a FACELESS CONSPIRACY is controlling your life? Do you suffer from a NAMELESS FEAR? Wouldn’t you like someone to PROMISE a CURE? At ProductCorp, promises are what we do. All you need to do is send us ACTUAL CASH. And we’ll never stop promising.

Seriously, send your payment to
GPO Box 3290
Melbourne 3001 Australia
And we’ll send you either the Box of Wonder or The Book of Truth. You know, if you’re very easily fooled. Or want a weird souvenir.

And here’s some behind the scenes footage (including me smashing the shit out of a tripod) courtesy of our collaborator, Damie:


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One response to “Let ProductCorp PROMISE you a CURE

  1. I liked that “book of truth”
    When we know the answers…
    Problem is that those answers don’t necessarily help with the new questions, and life is short… and our circumstances change, the old answers seem so infantile…
    It’s always amazing to consider the minor problems that occupied out time in an earlier time… when the answers seem so obviously self-evident…
    Getting old sux, and there’s no easy way out…

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