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All hail the Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

A friend of mine is involved in a competition to promote the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavour Strawberry Cheesecake. If you’re the type who likes to help people you can follow this link and click “like” to help her out (assuming you do the whole Facebook thing. An amazing bit of help was provided by another friend Louna in the form of a music video.

We have a growing and vibrant community of YouTube video¬†makers¬†in Melbourne and a few of us got together to realise Louna’s vision in this video:

I was incredibly impressed by the amount of effort put into this video simply to help out a friend. That’s what online community is all about. I also shot some behind the scenes video as I wasn’t overly involved in the actual video:

And when I found out Vanilla was winning I expressed my outrage in this WAINGAFAT Wednesday video:

I mean, Vanilla? Seriously? That’s some bullshit right there.



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