TFU Friday – Norway, Australia and ComicCon

The awful events recently in Norway have united all decent people in their support of the Norwegian people. Sadly, not all people are decent.

It’s predictable but sickening that so many people use this tragedy to further their own agenda. Glenn Beck calls the shooting victims “Hitler Youth” and Bill O’Reilly is delusional about Christianity. Why do the American right in particular find it so hard to concede a point or admit fault? A competitor in the TFU response stakes was ex-Smiths frontman Morrisey who said the killings were “nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried shit every day“.

But the winner of worst response for my money, was an ally of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who actually supported the murderer’s manifesto.

On a lighter but still fucked up note, there were the usual animal attacks in Australia and a real tragedy for the nerds of Comic Con.



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2 responses to “TFU Friday – Norway, Australia and ComicCon

  1. Too many to wade thru so I’ll post here…love your shit, shared your conspiracy theorists rant with Melb. Zeitgeist members on FB…those who get offended too easily at your aussie beligerence obviously grew up in a remote hermitage hosting a permanent convention on Political correctness, outside of Australia…I think most of us in this country comprende your jargon:) As for the clip on Spring fashion and Sluts, would have preferred far more short skirts and boobs…far more slutty looking chics…don’t you just love the slutty ones :)?

  2. Zoomaboomafoo

    Was this the last update ever?

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