Rick Perry smells worse than cat poo

It’s TFU Friday and this week I’m talking about Rick Santorum, stinky cat poo and horrible bugs. Those are different stories, by the way, it isn’t all about Santorum. Honest.

Links for more info:

I’m usually up late and so I see a lot of infomercials. It bugs me how often they are blatantly lying and apparently it bugged a New York judge as well who found it “highly implausible” 11 panelists would “stick their noses in jars of excrement and report 44 independent times that they smelled nothing unpleasant.”

And the world is full of people who want to tell you how fucked up Rick Santorum is.

If you really want to know more about that horrible Satan Bug, what’s wrong with you? But there’s info here

And I’ll round off with my friend AIDzee off his head on drugs:




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3 responses to “Rick Perry smells worse than cat poo

  1. katie

    you should post about the pedobear keychains that are going around tumblr


  2. Glenn Verdult

    Hello i am Glenn Verdult

    I enjoy reading your articles

    I am looking forward to read more..

  3. You think that’s bad? Mit Romney IS dog shit, and Obamabinladen has a head full of some kind of shit, bull, I believe. The US government has turned into the most harmful and deadly terrorist regime of all time. Why doesn’t someone send drones to washington DC and rid the world of these criminals? FUCK THE USA.

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