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Tour of a sex shop

I’m always interested in diversifying the videos I make and recently I’ve been having a bit of fun making videos with my friend Eva who works in (among other places) a sex shop. She also blogs – check the link to the side for her blog “Deliciously Bad”. In this video, Eva gives a guided tour of the sex shop where she works:

Some interesting feedback came from a Facebook friend:

Be careful about promoting the big vibrator with “if you are up to the challenge…” ,XL or XXL or XXXL sizes in toys are not for amateurs but only for experienced fetished ppl who know what they are playing with. Actually those kind of toys are generally even higher grade material then the normal sized ones. And that one… well *witholds most of my potential comments as they might be tmi imo*

It’s also a mistake be only thinking vaginal. A vagina is limited in its intake. An anus can take a whole lot more, as it is a double flexible muscle. Any experienced anal fetish person knows this, but also knows that with anything one does in life, muscles must be trained, warmed up and cannot be forced overnight, but take years to get to them suitably flexible. 

The big vibrator  shown is actually one of the most amazing ones ever designed. It can be used by mildly experienced people as well as truly experienced ones, since it has two vibrators in it. One in the head, and one in the shaft just above the ball area. Both can be operated individually, so depending on penetration, is perfect to stimulate the prostate no matter how deep or shallow it gets used (hence that it is an anal toy, not a vaginal one). The material it is made out is a soft jellly substance which makes it less harmfull when reaching stretch limits during penetration. It bends easily and can withstand pressure without tearing. The anal muscle will be much more relaxed than with a hard material toy of that size.

So what do you think? Did he share tmi with me?


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There is no limit to stupidity

If there is one lesson that is continually reinforced to me online, it’s that there is no lower limit to stupidity, hypocrisy and bigotry. Every time I think I’ve seen the lowest/most pathetic form of these behaviours, a new idiot happens along to outdo the other idiots I’ve seen. There was a time I tried to actually engage with people who held opposing views, particularly when I believed I could disprove their theories with objective evidence. It soon became apparent that logic and reason did not work with some people. In fact, the further out on the loony fringe people were, the less interested they were in listening to solid evidence that contradicted them. And even when the views the people held were not particularly loony, if they held them particularly strongly and emotionally, engaging them was a waste of time.

They didn’t want to debate, they wanted to shout down their opposition and batter them into submission. That might sound ironic coming from someone prone to outbursts of rage towards those judged and found wanting. An important distinction is I do it for entertainment value. These cretins demand that you “debate” them and then their contribution to debate amounts to nothing more than histrionic shrieking. I was interested to discover there was actually some scientific research backing up my first hand experience. Researchers discovered that with many people, when you showed them solid evidence that contradicted their world view actually dug their heels in harder rather than accepting that they had been wrong.

If you’ve ever wondered how truly absurd conspiracy theories manage to stay alive, now you know. The truth may well be out there but it seems far to many people are going out of their way to avoid finding it.

My favourite type of online idiots are the ones who make their sub-troglodyte intellect (or lack thereof) abundantly clear for everyone else without realising they’ve done it. I found another example of this recently when I stumbled across a video some loser made on YouTube attacking me. There’s nothing particularly outlandish about making videos like this, after all, I go out of my way to piss people off when I don’t like their views. A reaction is what I’m after. It’s a shame that none of these attack videos have ever managed to be particularly entertaining or make any cogent points. But then, that’s usually why I attack morons – they’ve got nothing to intelligent to say and they make too much noise saying it.

While I make it a practice to not dignify these losers with a response and also encourage my viewers to ignore them, I can’t actually control the response other people give these attack videos. They show up occasionally in the “related videos” next to my own videos, my viewers see them and sometimes choose to go on the attack. This particular loser seemed shocked to discover that after he launched an attack on me, someone might retaliate. Poor diddums. After copping a bit of a hammering for his stupidity (and I will point out that his video was particularly stupid – a mix of totally missing my point [possibly deliberately] and rejecting peer reviewed science in favour of stuff “he just knows”) he stopped allowing comments on the video. Which is his right.

A brief digression on the topic of blocking and/or deleting comments: whatever method an individual chooses for dealing with troublesome commenters IS THE RIGHT CHOICE for them. They don’t even have to be consistent. Nobody has a right to dictate how someone deals with things in their own space. It’s worth noting that the people who would argue with this view most vehemently are almost always the worst sort of troll – nasty, hateful little losers with absolutely nothing worthwhile to offer. And I mean it when I say people don’t have to be consistent or even “fair” – however you feel on the day is fine with me. I don’t care if someone makes some outrageous pronouncement, bets nobody can offer contrary evidence, deletes all the responses that proves them wrong and then follows up with a triumphant declaration that nobody offered any contradiction.

If you don’t like the way someone deals with responses, don’t interact with them. It’s that simple. You won’t find me arguing with people on their YouTube channel or blog. You won’t even get me leaving them abuse. If I don’t like what someone is saying, I don’t waste my time on them. I do all my abusing via my own channels.

So back to the loser who got upset that people responded to his unprovoked attack on me by attacking him in return (to be clear – I have never launched an attack on this loser or even mentioned him by name, he isn’t worth it). He updates the description on the video to say he isn’t allowing comments on the video because the mean responses were hurting his pwecious widdle feelings. And then IN THE VERY NEXT SENTENCE he attacks me for deleting his comments on my channel. The fact that he’s unaware of how that makes him look like a hypocritical brain dead douchebag just about blows my mind. I mean, to be such an outrageous hypocrite is not so unusual. But to put it on display so blatantly and be unaware of the fact you’ve exposed yourself like that is right up there at the pinnacle of fuckwittery.

Sometimes I will block/delete a troll based on their first comment. I’ve had so many of them over the years I’ve gotten used to the various flavours and have a feel which ones are a waste of time. But this particular moron was known to people who I know so I decided to give him a chance. Several chances in fact. I told him quite explicitly to shut the fuck up because he had nothing of value to say, I wasn’t going to “engage” with him so just drop it. When he wouldn’t shut up I went so far as to say he was on his last chance and if he wouldn’t shut his drooling pie hole I wouldn’t stop at blocking him, I’d delete all the comments he’d made on my videos so I wouldn’t be reminded that I’d been stupid enough to give the ignorant fuckwit a chance to behave like a reasonable human.

Needless to say, he didn’t shut up and I took the action as advertised. He wasn’t supposed to be happy with that. It was supposed to piss him off. I get a little thrill of glee picturing the outrage on the greasy visage of these losers when they realise their precious “rights” (nonexistent though such rights are) have been taken away from them. And there isn’t a single fucking thing they can do about it. Seriously, that feels good. And while I knew he was a clueless moron, I didn’t think he was quite stupid enough to out himself so blatantly and obliviously by blocking comments and then immediately after raging against the injustice of me blocking him.

Like I said, no matter how bad you think you’ve seen people behave, there will always be someone worse. On the internet, there is no lower limit to stupidity and hypocrisy.


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The wonderful world of dildos

A recent video with my friend Eva where we talk about different types of dildos in a sex shop. When Eva asked what we should do for the video is said “We bring in AIDzee and make a series of cruel jokes at his expense – it practically writes itself!)

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Unsolicited Advice

I feel the need to tell about 99% of the internet something: Your feedback really isn’t helping. And I mean it isn’t helping anyone. It isn’t helping the person you’re directing it at. It isn’t helping other people who see it. And despite the boost it might give your ego to bless others with your “wisdom”, it also isn’t helping you.

I’m not even talking about the “haters” here, although obviously they’re in the 99%. I’m talking about the people who consider themselves fans (or at least supporters) of the lucky recipient of their feedback. They don’t say “You suck.” Most of the time they don’t even lead with “What’s wrong with this is…” They certainly don’t betray negativity to the targets of their insights but what they do betray is their total lack of awareness of (a) the creative process and (b) anyone else around them. To take these two things individually:

The creative process: It is extremely rare that any worthwhile act of creation is triggered by someone telling you what to do. The best creations come into being from within the creator almost because they have to. Creativity is very personal and the path to success tends to be very different from person to person. Truly creative people (or at least those who have an awareness that people besides themselves exist) do not go around telling other people how to do things.

A slight transgression: it might sound contradictory to say someone can go around telling people what to do if they don’t recognise the existence of other people. I’m talking about recognising people as individuals with their own lives, own views and own motivations. Pontificating assumes people are nothing but a faceless amorphous blob waiting for enlightenment from their self-appointed god.

If really pushed, a creative person will share their views but the smart ones will do it in a personal way. “This is how I do it…” “This is what works for me…” This is what drives me…” All of these work far better than “This is what you should do!” This is not only because they are less threatening and didactic and so easier to swallow. It’s also that no single technique works for every person and/or every situation. Your mileage may vary as the saying goes.

It’s great to be inspired by someone you admire. It’s almost always useful to learn techniques. But it’s rarely productive to slavishly follow the dictates of someone else.

Ignoring others: What astounds me most about those who feel compelled to offer their useless “helpful” advice is their inability to see the evidence of their advice being at best worthless, but more commonly, absolutely wrong. Look at comment threads on YouTube videos. It’s painfully common to see people drop their “here’s what’s wrong with your video” comment IN THE MIDDLE OF DOZENS OF OTHERS SAYING HOW GOOD IT IS!

This is where this post stops being reasonable and starts being angry.

For fuck’s sake, how blinkered are these fucking people? Just look at the other comments. JUST FUCKING LOOK! What the fuck is the creator meant to do when they receive waves of positive feedback and then see your idiot comment telling them to change? Just fucking think for a minute! Simple logic tells you the creator can’t make everyone happy when people are giving mutually contradictory feedback. And given that someone is getting positive reinforcement why the fuck would they listen to the gimp saying they’re doing it wrong? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

And there is of course the almost constant fact that the people who offer unsolicited critiques tend to not be creators themselves. Or at least they almost never create anything as good as what they’re critiquing. So their critique is objectively wrong or useless. And they are not in a position to reasonably assert that their view is more informed than the creator’s. So what the fuck are they thinking? The obvious answer is that they aren’t thinking. At all.

As a side note, almost the only time I’m likely to listen to unsolicited advice is when it comes from someone who’s better at it (whatever “it” may be) than me. They’ve had more success at a given endeavour or I simply think they’re really, really good at what they do. Funny thing is, these are the people least likely to force their opinion on someone else. If you’re ever lucky enough to get feedback from a talented and/or successful mentor, by all means take advantage of the opportunity. But be very careful about assuming you’re the one who has wisdom to share. If people ignore you, they probably aren’t trying to be insulting.

The simple truth is your feedback is useless.

POSTSCRIPT: I am aware that some people will think that they are clever to point out that this whole post could be seen as self-contradictory. I give unsolicited advice saying don’t give unsolicited advice. You’re not clever, you’re painfully obvious. I’ll make two points in relation to this. One is that what I’m doing here is largely emptying my mind onto a page and I’m not forcing it on anybody. Second, the sort of tiny minded fuckwit who thinks that’s a clever thing to say is exactly the sort of moron who need to wake up to the fact that they have nothing meaningful to offer anyone and should shut the fuck up.


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Murdoch papers – shitty media or shittiest media?

I feel a rant brewing against the Murdoch tabloids in Australia. Obviously I could rant on their shenanigans globally and join the rather highly placed voices who have declared Murdoch is not a fit person to head a major international company. But the reasons I’m pissed off at the is quite a bit narrower and more personal in focus.

It’s one thing when these soulless hack do hatchet jobs on people who are public figures. Making your living in the public eye carries certain attendant risks, even if tabloid scum regularly exceed behaviour that could remotely qualify as decent. It’s bad enough when they pry into the private lives of crime victims – as offensive (and illegal) as hacking into people’s phones and computers is, they at least have the distant cousin of an excuse that the crime is “newsworthy”.

But lately I’ve seen more cases of these scumfucks launching personal attacks designed to wreck the lives of private citizens who are not in any way engaged in “public” life. They launched attack articles against a tram driver because they didn’t like the things he was tweeting. It wasn’t that he was a dangerous tram driver. He didn’t abuse people on his trams. But because he shared his “colourful” opinions on life as a tram driver they waged a campaign to have him sacked.

That’s right, these disgraceful vermin think they are within their rights to lobby to have you sacked because of what you post online. Remember that the next time you believe one of their stories demonising someone you don’t know. There is literally no guarantee you won’t end up being their next target.

And this weekend the Herald Sun decided to spread lies about a sex education event at Melbourne University in a very thinly veiled Liberal Party sponsored attack on student unions. Oh, and they were talking about things other than doing it with your duly church sanctioned opposite sex partner with the lights off. I believe they may have even suggested enjoying the sex act.

So, you know… Satan.

Anyway, the way these evil bastards are increasingly going after people who have broken no laws and who haven’t asked for any publicity is really starting to piss me off.  I’m thinking of giving them a target that bites back. Hard.

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Do you know Angry Aussie?

The masks in my previous post were both characters and disguise. My day job as an IT contractor pays fairly well and I’d rather not have my YouTube videos interfere with that (at least until that golden day when I can actually earn a full time living from YouTube). As I’ve explained before, after about 18 months I revealed my actual face figuring that if someone couldn’t separate my private life from my work life then I didn’t want to work for them anyway. Being a contractor, I tend to change jobs two or three times a year so passing up on some jobs or leaving a job wouldn’t be much of an issue anyway. On a few jobs people have stumbled across the connection after I’ve been there a while but it’s never been an issue. I don’t mind when people I work with “discover” Angry Aussie after they know me  but in a work setting I would prefer it wasn’t people’s first impression.

In fact, my nagging fear is that one day in a job interview the person interviewing will exclaim “OH MY GOD YOU’RE ANGRY AUSSIE!” That would be awkward.

In a related situation that I found funny, my teenage daughter texted me from school the other day saying one of her teachers had been casually asking if she was aware of Angry Aussie. I’ve been in a parent/teacher interview with this teacher so he’s obviously recognised me.

I told her to deny all knowledge. 


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