Do you know Angry Aussie?

The masks in my previous post were both characters and disguise. My day job as an IT contractor pays fairly well and I’d rather not have my YouTube videos interfere with that (at least until that golden day when I can actually earn a full time living from YouTube). As I’ve explained before, after about 18 months I revealed my actual face figuring that if someone couldn’t separate my private life from my work life then I didn’t want to work for them anyway. Being a contractor, I tend to change jobs two or three times a year so passing up on some jobs or leaving a job wouldn’t be much of an issue anyway. On a few jobs people have stumbled across the connection after I’ve been there a while but it’s never been an issue. I don’t mind when people I work with “discover” Angry Aussie after they know me  but in a work setting I would prefer it wasn’t people’s first impression.

In fact, my nagging fear is that one day in a job interview the person interviewing will exclaim “OH MY GOD YOU’RE ANGRY AUSSIE!” That would be awkward.

In a related situation that I found funny, my teenage daughter texted me from school the other day saying one of her teachers had been casually asking if she was aware of Angry Aussie. I’ve been in a parent/teacher interview with this teacher so he’s obviously recognised me.

I told her to deny all knowledge. 



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2 responses to “Do you know Angry Aussie?

  1. Better to be safe than sorry, give her a couple more years and she’ll deny you all together anyway!

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