Murdoch papers – shitty media or shittiest media?

I feel a rant brewing against the Murdoch tabloids in Australia. Obviously I could rant on their shenanigans globally and join the rather highly placed voices who have declared Murdoch is not a fit person to head a major international company. But the reasons I’m pissed off at the is quite a bit narrower and more personal in focus.

It’s one thing when these soulless hack do hatchet jobs on people who are public figures. Making your living in the public eye carries certain attendant risks, even if tabloid scum regularly exceed behaviour that could remotely qualify as decent. It’s bad enough when they pry into the private lives of crime victims – as offensive (and illegal) as hacking into people’s phones and computers is, they at least have the distant cousin of an excuse that the crime is “newsworthy”.

But lately I’ve seen more cases of these scumfucks launching personal attacks designed to wreck the lives of private citizens who are not in any way engaged in “public” life. They launched attack articles against a tram driver because they didn’t like the things he was tweeting. It wasn’t that he was a dangerous tram driver. He didn’t abuse people on his trams. But because he shared his “colourful” opinions on life as a tram driver they waged a campaign to have him sacked.

That’s right, these disgraceful vermin think they are within their rights to lobby to have you sacked because of what you post online. Remember that the next time you believe one of their stories demonising someone you don’t know. There is literally no guarantee you won’t end up being their next target.

And this weekend the Herald Sun decided to spread lies about a sex education event at Melbourne University in a very thinly veiled Liberal Party sponsored attack on student unions. Oh, and they were talking about things other than doing it with your duly church sanctioned opposite sex partner with the lights off. I believe they may have even suggested enjoying the sex act.

So, you know… Satan.

Anyway, the way these evil bastards are increasingly going after people who have broken no laws and who haven’t asked for any publicity is really starting to piss me off.  I’m thinking of giving them a target that bites back. Hard.


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