6 Years on YouTube

If you went back in time 6 years and told me what would happen on (and because of) YouTube over the next 6 years, I wouldn’t have believed you. I wouldn’t have believed I had the creativity or determination to produce of 1600 videos in that timeframe (across a number of channels). I wouldn’t have believed I’d meet so many amazing people here in Melbourne and around the world.

To be honest I would have had trouble believing that I’d attract much of an audience. So far my videos have been watched more than 43 million times. I still have trouble believing that. This is where it all started:

I don’t have an end point in mind. I’d like to be an angry senior citizen, providing videos for decades to come. And embarrassing my grandchildren. I spent the actual anniversary day hanging out with YouTubers – the perfect way to celebrate.



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2 responses to “6 Years on YouTube

  1. Cheers to you. I hope you have many more anniversaries to come = )

  2. Hugh cheers! A *toast* to passion and many more years of creativity.

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