More ways to tell someone you don’t give a fuck about them

A few years ago I made this video where I came up with some creative ways to tell someone you don’t give a fuck about them:

It’s one of my more popular videos – apparently people are always looking for creative ways to get rid of annoying idiots. Lately I have had many requests for MORE! I’ve been building up to it for a while and I thought I’d try out some options here on the blog before I made it into another video. If you get in quick with comments (and I like them) your responses might end up being part of the video.

Without further ado, here are some more ways to tell someone you don’t give a fuck about them:

  • A recently discovered tribe in the Amazon had had no contact with the outside word and had no idea anybody existed outside their valley. It turns out they give more of a fuck about you than I do.
  • I’d like to introduce you to Bob, we hired him specifically to give a fuck about you because none of us do and we want you to leave us the fuck alone. But he committed suicide. So there’s still nobody who gives a fuck about you.
  • I started the day with a dozen fucks. After a day of dealing with your bullshit I still has 12 fucks left. How many fucks did I give about you today?
  • There are electron microscopes that can find molecules less than a nanometre wide – but they can’t find any fucks I give about you.
  • Astronomers have mapped the universe out to two billion light years. They haven’t found any fucks I give about you.
  • Some mayflies have a life span of only half an hour – that’s approximately 30 minutes longer than the lifespan of any fuck I’ve ever given about you.
  • That was close – I almost gave a fuck about you. Turns out I just needed to fart.

I feel this list is still to be added to before I commit it to video. Please help!



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4 responses to “More ways to tell someone you don’t give a fuck about them

  1. little galah

    Fuck dude, why do you use the word “FUCK” so many times. I hope you fucken know that fucken children could fucken be watching your fucken videos. So can you fucken stop useing the fucken word “FUCK” all the fucken time.
    Thank fucken you.

  2. Ayu

    Hahahaha excellent! I’ve had the angriest, most fucked up day and wanted company so I googles “angry blogs” and got a good laugh out of this. Thanks!
    Greetings from Finland.

  3. “You couldn’t even imagine how many fucks I don’t give right now.” 😉

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