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No bullshit holiday message

If you’re sick of christmas bullshit, this video is for you!

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Intelligence test

Here’s an app I want someone to develop for Facebook. This would be a remedy for all the morons who insist on posting/sharing idiotic status updates perpetuating blatantly untrue stories and quotations.

This app would firstly populate people’s Facebook feeds with stories that simple common sense would identify as untrue (the recent “Samsung pays Apple $1B in 5c coins”  bullshit springs to mind). Even the multitudes of morons online who never bother to engage their brains could discover the truth by spending 5 seconds on a search engine. But that’s apparently too much trouble.

That’s where the punishment comes in.

Sharing the deliberately planted false story would result in the following message popping up:

“I’m sorry, but you’re too stupid to be allowed to post anything at the moment. Your account will be locked for the next 24 hours while you think about what you’ve done.”

Most people would eventually learn that it’s in their own interest to find multiple sources confirming a story before they accepted it as true. Internet search engines are hardly flawless but at least it would be an improvement on the current fuckheadedness.

And for those who are to stupid to learn a little healthy skepticism no matter what, I’m still working on phase two where it would be legal for me to make their computers deliver near-lethal electric shocks to their genitals.

And at least they’d occasionally be stopped from posting their bullshit.


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