This seems as good a place as any to leave myself a note for a video idea I want to pursue. If you watch my videos regularly, you’ll know AIDzee. Here are the two of us in the car as I take AIDzee to the hospital:

Most of the videos I shoot with AIDzee are largely improvised. When we do TFU Friday and WAINGAFAT Wednesday  we discuss the topics ahead of time, come up with a few jokes and plot out how we want the video to go but we almost never have a script as such.

I have an idea of doing some improvised discussions/joke riffing sessions with AIDzee but instead of using the single camera setup we normally do getting a few people to help us shoot it and then edit together the highlights with multiple viewpoints. That’s the plan.

I make lots of plans and am not always good at executing a quick follow through. I almost always make the videos eventually but sometimes it takes a couple of years. I’m not joking. Let’s see if writing this public note to myself helps.


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