The stupidest comment ever

Q: How stupid can people get?

A: FUCKING STUPID! That is how stupid they can get.

Q: Are the stupidest commenters on the internet to be found on YouTube?

A: Yes. Yes they are. There is a lot of competition but a special sort of stupid can be found on YouTube.

I am trying to distill stupid YouTube commenters down to the most stupid they can possibly be. This is somewhat challenging. I think I need to somehow crystallise how some people demand I hold the exact opposite viewpoint to the one I have just expressed. I get that people can disagree with me but how can someone be so stupid as demand I completely reverse my point of view and think that is an even vaguely intelligent thing to say?

Seriously, they actually seem to think this will work. As if the only thing I have been missing my whole life is their dazzling insight and now I will completely change who I am because they have enlightened me.

Fucking morons.


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One response to “The stupidest comment ever

  1. I understand where you are headed and where you are now. Alot that was said i can relate to 100% I know as far as im concerned…im pissed at people/ sittuations EVERY DAY. Im convinced that most people just dont have any basic sense anymore… on a bus to PA and 1 hr into the ride I get annoyed by at least two people that im certain should be put to sleep.

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