Cannabis Cures Cancer? Stop being so stupid!


There’s an increasing number of people online pushing the idea that cannabis cures cancer. There isn’t one type of person who promotes the positive aspects of cannabis, they range from people who say smoking or ingesting cannabis helps offset the nausea caused by chemo, that it helps boost appetite in chemo patients, that it boosts the effectiveness of medical treatments, through to people who say cannabis alone is a complete cancer treatment on its own and extreme cases who say medical authorities know cannabis is a cure but there is a conspiracy to suppress “the truth”.


To address people who are on that extreme end of the spectrum: stop being so stupid! Conspiracy theories generally are stupid but this one includes a huge amount of offensiveness as well. It’s all well and good to point out “big pharma” is focused on profits but to suggest the millions of researchers around the world would deliberately suppress something that would cure cancer is simply disgusting. Only the worst, most self-indulgent and self-obsessed  sort of vermin would say this. To these people I’d go further than saying stop being so stupid – stop hiding behind your narcissism and paranoia while you attack people who are actually dedicating their lives to helping others. Better still, stop breathing. You’re a waste of nutrients.


A few key facts worth bearing in mind when discussing this: First there is no one thing that is “cancer”. When we talk about people having cancer and potential treatments and cures, we’re talking about a huge range of diseases that manifest in very different ways. There will never be a single cure for all cancers but hopefully we’ll continue to develop better treatments and even cures for particular types of cancer. Second, what research has actually shown is that cannabis and synthetic cannbinoids have the potential to help with cancer. This may ultimately come to nothing, they may form part of improved treatment or we may end up finding ways to successfully treat some cancers with cannabinoids alone.


But the reason cannabis is not being used to treat cancer now is there is no conclusive (or even reasonable) evidence it works. Research is ongoing because researchers have discovered many interesting properties of cannabinoids over the decades but we haven’t seen anywhere near enough clinical trials to draw any meaningful conclusions. Personally, I think large scale clinical trial of cannabinoids being conducted sooner rather than later is a good idea. The trouble is, politics come into it very quickly (drugs are bad, mkay?). I think that’s phenomenally stupid but it is reality. This politics affects far more than medicinal cannabis, there’s also a promising body of evidence that hallucinogens could be very useful in treating a range of mental illnesses but it’s very difficult to do clinical trials legally.


And I’d just like to deflate the ridiculous “Big Pharma” conspiracy. If you’re one of the people pushing this as the reason cannabis isn’t being recognised as a cure for cancer (“it’s natural and they can’t patent it so they suppress the truth”) stop being so stupid. If we ever have enough evidence to use cannabis as a cure for cancer you won’t be smoking or ingesting it – not in the form you do now. That’s an unreliable dosage system and it has all the “against the law” baggage. Big Pharma is spending a fortune on research in this area because any effective treatment  that gets endorsed by government will be a synthetic cannabinoid which can be patented and/or controlled by big companies because they’ll do some tweak to the chemical makeup of the cannabinoid in a lab and say it’s unique. 


Big Pharma isn’t trying to suppress any discovery of the effectiveness of cannabis as a cancer treatment – they want to exploit it. Saying they’re concealing “the truth” makes you look like a paranoid idiot. I wonder what causes that paranoia? And using the inane argument “natural is better” makes no sense. Stop being so stupid. Cowpats are natural. I’d like to force feed you a few of them and see if you continued to argue that everything natural was good.


So in short, cannabis helps some people with some of the symptoms of cancer and chemo treatments. For other people it has no effect and for some it has a negative effect. People are different and the same substance can affect them differently. Advanced research has shown cannabinoids having some interesting effects on cancer cells and they may be the source of good news in the future. But there’s no solid evidence yet that cannabis cures cancer. There’s no conspiracy to suppress the truth about this. Anecdotes from charlatans selling snake oil (or hemp oil in this case) are not evidence in any meaningful sense of the world. Everyone would like for there to be a cure for cancer but spreading this unmitigated bull just makes you look stupid.
For a very thorough overview of the evidence so far follow this link.




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8 responses to “Cannabis Cures Cancer? Stop being so stupid!

  1. Read the link I posted at the end and stop being so stupid.

  2. Sebastian Fraley

    cheerfully withdrawn.

  3. That’s not the evidence so far. That’s the evidence as of July 2012. In the last two years several high profile scientific studies have been undertaken that confirm that THC and CBD kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

    If you want to ignore that science and rely on an out of date article as your sole source of evidence then fine. But if you even spent a few minutes Googling you’ll find there have been dozens of studies and they all agree that cannabis fights cancer.

    Plus, the fact that your article was 90% about some bullshit “bIg pharma” conspiracy that is entirely irrelevant, and that you hardly even touched on the subject at hand is a pretty big clue that you know nothing about cannabis and should therefore refrain from inanely ranting about it.

    • That is completely untrue. You’re either a moron or a disgusting charlatans preying on the misery of others. Either way, you aren’t worth giving a shit about.

    • Actually, I looked. You’re a worthless fucking scam artist. You deserve a death far slower and more painful than cancer. You should be publicly executed.

  4. Attila Konietzka

    ok, should have read this before. This sounded more reasonable to me than the other article. But you know what? It’s the braveness that comes out of desperation which brought us all these single anecdotal cases to prove that there’s a real chance, and this is not just another internet hoax that is to good to be true because it simply sounds to good to be true. AS i said, “alissa Erwin” “Mike Cutler” “Corrie Yelland” and several more who might just be afraid to come out openly about what they did because of the illegality of these Actions. I just wait for someone publicly posting their medical Records to prove beyound doubt, that tey’re not making up a story. Because the most sceptical need always every possible Proof to remove their very last doubts. And i am not happy with Patents to Cannabis Extract Medicines in any way. ANd there are already Patents on the Cannabis Plant or more specifically on Cannabinoids in the U.S. Fortunately we can’t patent Plants or plant derived Compounds in the Rest of the World.

    • Cannabis doesn’t cure cancer. Only two people say it does: desperate people looking for a miracle and evil lying shitbags trying to screw money out of desperate people.

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