Even angrier about bogus cancer cures


I feel like yesterday’s post wasn’t angry enough or direct enough and I intend to remedy that right fucking now. Let’s ignore the utter charlatans whose only motivation in spreading the “cannabis cures cancer” lie is to exploit desperate and dying people and steal their money by selling them utterly bogus “cures”. These people are disgusting and if I think too much about them I’ll go into a murderous rage and start making actual plans to hunt them down. I mean it, people who see the suffering and misery of others as an opportunity for exploitation and money making deserve to be dragged into the street and kicked to death.
I just want to say to people who keep posting links online saying cannabis cures cancer: stop being so stupid! I posted a link for calm and reasoned explanations yesterday but right now is my time to say fuck this bullshit! Any sensible person who takes five seconds to think about it will realise that the concept that cannabis cures cancer, but the truth is being suppressed by “them” is fucking ridiculous. It simply doesn’t stand up to even the mildest scrutiny.
First and foremost, you know it’s dead easy to buy dope, right? There are a lot of desperate people dying from cancer and I’m pretty sure they’d be getting cured in droves if this ridiculous concept was true. This isn’t even an abstract concept as a lot of cancer patients use cannabis because it can help reduce nausea cause by chemo, it can help with pain relief when other drugs fail and it can help with appetite which is often taken away by chemo. But it isn’t curing their cancer. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
If you have the urge to post a link to an article saying cannabis can kill cancer cells take a deep breath and wrap your head around the fact that doesn’t mean it cures cancer. It just doesn’t. Stop being so stupid. This is why cannabis is actually being researched, because it has interesting properties and it’s worth exploring whether it can boost existing treatments or become a treatment on its own. But right now, it is in  no way shape or form a cure for cancer.
And if the link you want to post leads to “and you too can buy this miracle cure” you’re pretty fucking lucky that I haven’t yet worked out how to electrocute people through the internet.
If you want to rush to “big pharma” is suppressing the truth please stop being so stupid. There is significant research into cannabis because if it turns out there’s any validity to using as a treatment big pharma will be all over that. They’ll release lab developed synthetic cannabinoids and make billions. That tired old line of “they make more money with a treatment than a cure” simply doesn’t hold up with cancer. The sad fact is there’s a pretty much never ending supply of cancer patients.
And you can give it a rest with any “legalise it” rhetoric as well.  I agree but it’s utterly irrelevant to my point. cannabis doesn’t cure cancer and people need to stop posting stupid articles that say it does.
So, in short, cannabis doesn’t cure cancer and posting links that says it does is really, really stupid. Shut the fuck up with any side issues, I’m not wasting time with side issues. Cannabis. Does. Not. Cure. Cancer. If you can’t accept that simple fact without babbling about meaningless side issues I can’t be bothered responding to you with any more than “get off the weed, hippy”. Perpetuating the idea cannabis cures cancer is perpetuating a lie and there’s no excuse for it.
Stop being so stupid.




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11 responses to “Even angrier about bogus cancer cures

  1. Attila Konietzka

    You don’t even take the time to do your research, and yet you yell like a fool on your related youtube Video? Just google the names “corrie yelland” “alissa erwin” “mike cutler” and several others in Relation to cannabis. the evidence is piling up that if you grow your own and not get ripped off by bogus sources, therefore you have control over what you do, there’s some real chance to send the Cancer in Remission by eating highly concentrated Cannabis Extract, like it’s described in “run from the cure”. Nobod is talking about smoking or vaporizing Cannabis in such situations, cause the therapeutic dose to where the cancer is responding couldn’t be reached this way. Really it sounded like a hoax to me, but more and more i am convinced every day that this will work. And theese bogus Dealers make me angry as well, selling low grade crap and exploiting sick people and never getting caught because cannabis is illegal, and you cannot get after them in court, because of obvious reasons. Yeah, and come get after me, if you wish. It’s not to hard to find me. I’ll post this comment using my e-mail adress. but it makes me angry that you add insecurity to a highly difficult subject with such unfounded statements you did. I wouldn’t be so angry if you just said, it is to early to make a decisive Claim because we haven’t enough data yet, and it makes the whole subject even more difficult because there are some cancers wich are more difficult to treat with cannabis extract than others, especially the estrogen sensitive ones. Just take the time and get over the 60 hours of audio material from “high noon” which you can find at blogtalk radio, and you could revise your opinion on this Topic.

  2. Javi Torón

    Bob Marley died of cancer… self-explanatory… 😐

  3. Mr Angry, your answer to a reponse to your post suggests you have the intelligence of a slug.

  4. Gail Carmisciano

    How do you know? It’s not smoking it that they are claiming cures cancer, it’s developing it into a specific oil. If you get cancer you are welcome to use whatever method you choose but I don’t see chemotherapy doing such a great job. And I don’t see the idea that big Pharma would try to keep a lid on the cure as far-fetched either. Can you prove that the people who have claim to be cured from cannabis oil are lying? Because they can prove that they had cancer and now they are OK

  5. Pauline Harrison

    You forgot the alkaline diet, Fuck me. I totally agree with you and it’s a wonder I haven’t run amok with a machete.

  6. Tom Curry

    I’d like you to give proof that it doesn’t work! Not only that but big pharma can’t put a patent on a plant. Not only that but that synthetic shit is nfg. There is n way they an copy that plant that way! Let me guess your being paid by big pharma to write this fucking crap. Go stick yer head up an elephants as!

    • What sort of brainless worthless shit stain actively seeks out 16 year old blog posts just to tell the world how stupid they are? It’s embarrassing what a worthless fuckwit you are.

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