Ban the Burqa!

Looking at the “debate” happening in Australia around head coverings worn by Muslim woman I am filled with disgust by the rampant bigotry but I’m also confounded. First I’m confounded by people who assert this is about freedom for women. Then to prove how much freedom women deserve, they want to pass laws telling women what they can and can’t wear. Second, I’m confounded by the number of people who have very loud views on the topic and yet clearly have not spoken to Muslim women on the topic.
In cases where men are forcing women and girls to wear the niqab or burqa with physical, psychological or financial threats, legal action should definitely be taken. I’m not naïve enough to think this doesn’t happen but in these cases any legal action should NOT be against the women, it should be against the men. You don’t need any new laws to do this, enforcement of existing domestic violence laws is more than enough. But if you think there are women who don’t wear some form of head covering through personal choice you’re either wilfully ignorant or using the issue as an extremely obvious cover for your bigotry.
And another thing: if you want to take steps to stop women being forced to wear a niqab or burqa you need to go the whole way. If you’re not going to get behind the provision of financial support to help women to escape abusive situations then you need to shut the fuck up. You can’t upend someone’s life then abandon them. If you think you can go “ban the burqa” then dust off your hands and walk away then you’re either truly stupid or truly evil. Probably both.
One of the first things I learned when I started blogging was I had a lot of preconceived ideas about Muslim women that did not hold up particularly well once exposed to actual Muslim women. These were the typical bleeding heart lefty ideas that Muslimas were oppressed, not allowed access to education and scared to express themselves.
By coincidence, several of the blogs I found while starting my own were written my Muslimas. One was in Australia, one in Indonesia, one in the UK and two in the USA. They were very different people but a common thread was they were intelligent, funny and very independent. (Brief aside – I know presenting that as if it’s a revelation is condescending. That’s the point. I’m admitting to my ignorance and bias.) They were also very serious about religion; they read scripture, they believed in the magic man in the sky. There was no “I was born into a Muslim family/culture but I don’t really take it seriously.”
I didn’t consider myself prejudiced towards Muslims but regular interaction with actual Muslims opened my eyes to how many assumptions I was making. This is not a “white saviour reveals Muslims are just like us” moment, none of these women wanted or needed me to save them. They were just fine without me. But a bit of self-awareness never goes astray.
Not everyone saying “ban the burqa” is as stupid as Jacqui Lambie or as evil as Cory Bernardi but if you think banning a clothing item will improve the world, you’re truly ignorant.


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    From, Angry Aussie on Youtube.

  2. My only concern is that you should have to show facial recognition when entering the premises of a business, somebody’s home, etc on request. Having worked at a Santa, the poor fat fella can’t legally walk into a bank.

    My viewpoint is for across the board including the horrid Jewish version. Religion should have any exemptions from the law. It is absurd how much you can get away with under the guise of religion.

    Couldn’t give a shit if your hair is covered. I just refuse to talk to anyone face to face who refuses to show their face. I’ve done it to people wearing a helmet with a tinted face covering.

  3. Arakash

    It was interesting hearing your thoughts on Jacqui Lambie, first in your “Palmer United Party – good thing or bad thing?” where you seemed to have some hope for her being more than she appeared. (though i know you talked about her in an earlier video)
    Then in this post, where you basically said she was an idiot.

    As for me, watching Jacqui Lambie has been like watching a train wreck fall down a mountainface. Horrible to watch but in a cynical way morbidly entertaining to watch.
    The more time goes on the more I think Australians are going to regret voting people like her into office.

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