Anti-Vaxxers need to shut the fuck up

I haven’t really unloaded on anti-vaxxers but I think they’re about due. An American anti-vaxxer called Dr Sherri Tenpenny is being set up to tour Australia and some people are saying she should be denied an entry visa. Presumably because she’s promoting an agenda that kills children.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what these anti-vaccination fuckwits are doing – killing children. It’s only a matter of time until there’s a major outbreak of preventable disease caused by these idiots. I wouldn’t join a campaign to block any of them entering the country as I think it’s a free speech issue. But I do think they should be publicly vilified for their disgusting lies.

They shouldn’t be able to open their idiot mouths publicly without someone else countering their ridiculous fairy stories with the actual truth. The seminars Tenpenny plans to present are being touted as helping parents “make some crucial decisions which could determine your child’s future health and wellbeing”. Which is pretty much true.

Because if you follow what these fuckwits say you may well be killing your children.


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