“I’m not a racist, but…”

One of my pet hates is bigots (whatever flavour they might be) who won’t own their bigotry and insist that really, they’re not a bigot and in fact if you have a problem with what they say, YOU are the real bigot! These are the same arseclowns who will in all seriousness follow up with the “Some of my best friends are…” line without realising that pretty much everyone else sees that as the ultimate confirmation of their bigotry.

A couple of sites I really like, Reddit and Imgur are seriously infested with these young white guys with no life experience who are completely oblivious to the level of douchebaggery they are exhibiting with their posts like “This is why you’re the real racist when you criticise me for saying I’m scared of some neighbourhoods” or “Here’s proof that feminists are the real sexists”.

Anyway, they are who I was thinking of when I made this:



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