Who the fuck is Paul McCartney anyway?

On New Year’s Eve, Kanye West released surprise track in which he duets with Paul McCartney. Twitter lit up with people first saying “who is this unknown signing with Kanye” then with people ranting that if you know Kanye but not McCartney, you’re an idiot.

A lot of outlets have pointed out that many of the most widely circulated “who is this McCartney?” tweets were obvious jokes (including this interview with the guy who posted probably the most widely circulated tweet).



There’s nothing quite like someone rushing to pass judgement on someone else in an attempt to show their intellectual superiority when all they really show is that they’re the prize fuckwit.

I’ll take it one step further than pointing out to self-important idiots that they were too fucking stupid to get an obvious joke. I’m going to back the Kanye fans who genuinely never heard of Paul McCartney. Why the fuck should they know who Paul McCartney is? What has that boring old bastard contributed to music in the last 40 years that wasn’t complete shit?

Let me stop you before you jump up and say how much you love Paul McCartney. I don’t fucking care. All that tells me is you have awful taste in music. You have the whitest, blandest most boring taste is music imaginable. If you like the Beatles that’s one thing. They were a major force in mid-20th century music. And they broke up over forty years ago. Move the fuck on. Liking the Beatles and wanting to insist they are more important today than Kanye just makes you conservative. Liking anything McCartney did after? I get as much musical pleasure from pouring lukewarm porridge into my ears.

I also don’t care if you don’t like Kanye’s music (as opposed to not liking Kanye himself – that’s a whole other issue). Liking or not liking the music is simply personal taste, but Kanye is a major force in music today. Saying otherwise makes you look stupid. McCartney is fuck all on today’s music scene.

As a kind of footnote, it’s almost impossible to parody how stupid people are today. We are surrounded by so many examples of stupidity every single day that no matter how much you exaggerate your “joke” there’s probably someone who actually believes that shit literally. I mean, global warming deniers, am I right? Those fuckers are in government. That’s the real issue, not your grumpy old man routine about kids today.

Now get off my lawn!



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  1. Long Tall Sally

    I’ve been in love with the Beatles and Paul McCartney since they arrived in the states when I was in second grade. Loved him for his music, his looks – all we girls loved him. Now in my 50’s and just having seen him in concert (6th row aisle) as a gift to a brother and sister-in-law, the asshole decides to become POLITICAL along with JBJovi? God help us if she wins the election (which will be *fixed* anyway). NO MORE THOUSANDS spent on Mr. Billionaire, bullshit artist. Scumbag creep. Know he doesn’t give a shit, he pretty much said so at his concert at Met Life Stadium in NJ earlier in August. Nobody wanted to listen to his latest CRAP, he knew it and said he was going to sing it anyway and expected the “cell phone” lights to go off. YEAH, THEY DID. In love like so many friends since childhood — he’s broken all our hearts. No Paul, you don’t love your fans, only yourself. As for Jon Bon J. – hey kid, I grew up in NJ and did my “shore thing” as well like Springsteen. You are gorgeous, great actor, talented and don’t need to join in on this shit. NEVER SAY GOODYE!!!

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