Fred Nile vying for “worst person in Australia” title

Earlier today, I kind of, sort of defended Fred Nile on Twitter. For those who don’t know, Nile is a fuckwit extreme right wing religious zealot who has been a source of poison in NSW politics for the last three decades. Not the sort of person i would usually defend.

A huge number of people were in an uproar over comments Nile made on a morning TV regarding the people who were held hostage in the recent incident in Sydney’s Martin Place. The stupid old bugger had been rabbiting on for a while about how “real men” wouldn’t have run out of the cafe and it was their “duty” to protect women.

The phrase that made him look like even more of a fuckwit was “Where were the men – the only man really there was the man with the gun.” The defense offered by Nile was that he “mis-spoke” and had meant to say the cafe manager, Tori Johnson who is reported to have been killed trying to wrestle the shotgun from the gunman, was the only real man.

While the general gist of what Nile was saying is still reprehensible, I thought people saying he was deliberately calling the gunman the only man in the cafe were simply going for cheap political point scoring. Obviously Nile wouldn’t say anything that disgusting.

Then I watched the video.

Now, honestly, I’m not so sure. Watch for yourself via this link, and see what you think. He doesn’t falter when he says it and he makes no effort to correct himself. His protestations came later when everyone called him out for being a piece of shit.

Whether he meant to say it or not, I think we can all agree Fred Nile is a despicable worthless garbage excuse for a human and he needs to shut the fuck up.



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2 responses to “Fred Nile vying for “worst person in Australia” title

  1. dmayocd

    As Crikey points out, he’s up for re-election shortly so it’s entirely unsurprising he’s making douchey comments which get him airtime.

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