Kyle Sandilands and the Faecal Mishap

Given that Kyle Sandilands is a strong contender for the worst person in Australia, any story that involves him and shit lends itself to some pretty obvious lines. Even with someone as repulsive as Sandilands I don’t like to gloat if they’re sick but when he decided to tell the world he was so sick over christmas that he shit the bed it’s something… special, Well, it’s something.

To be honest it moves it truly extreme territory when he felt it necessary to share that it looked like mashed pumpkin. And in case you’re upset that I’ve inflicted this on you I just didn’t want to suffer alone. The day people spread this around on Twitter (yes, now you’re thinking about Kyle Sandilands spreading his mashed pumpkin-looking shit around) I was pretty traumatised for the whole day.

And it’s still one of the least offensive things to come out of Kyle Sandilands.

“Faecal Mishap and the Mashed Pumpkins” – awesome new band name.
“Kyle Sandilands and the Christmas Faecal Mishap” – worst kids book ever.


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